Saturday, 9 April 2011

Training Day 2.0 At CrossFit Reading

By Coach Cj Swaby

Sunday 3rd April was Mother's day. It was also another special occassion, Training day 2.0 at Crossfit Reading. Four workshops, four couaches, one venue, one purpose. To deliver high class education to coaches and fitness enthusiasts, so that they could elevate their standard of training. I think we achieved that. Coach Sabina Skala, Andy "Iron Mac" McKenzie and I teamed up with the legendary Andy Bolton for an exciting day of learning and competitions.

After a rather scary and emotional journey in the wee hours of the morning we arrived at Reading in one piece. Our "Sab Nav" almost malfunctioned en route causing sufficient panic from all those clinging on to the seats of the car. As always, Coach Sabina Skala remained a picture of innocence as she turned to us, lowered her eyebrows and said "What?!". Too scared to say anything we got out of the car and prepared ourselves for what turned out to be a fantastic day and a great experience for all. Check out the clip below.

Training Day 2.0 At Crossfit Reading

As Coaches we were impressed by the level of attendees, their physical ability and openess to learning was mind blowing. There were Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, House wives, all sorts of people. Kanav Gupta (an Architect) pulled out some phenomenal lifting after the deadlift workshop with Andy Bolton (Kanav is the gut in the video clip with everyone screaming him to "get it up" ). Here's what he had to say about Training Day 2.0

"Training Day 2.0 was a great eye opener to some very different ways of training than you might find in your everyday gyms or with your everyday trainers.As a non-PT, I was able to learn in plain simple language, great techniques that I can incorporate in my own training.

Andy Mckenzie, CJ Swaby, Sabina Skala and Andy Bolton were very clear in all of their individual seminars. It was a great way to learn new things at the same time as enjoying myself. Great day altogether.... AND I got a new Deadlift PB after just one day! Great day and great people to learn from!"

Training Day 2.0 will be making a London appearance in September 2011, then we will run the complete Training Day series, North England, and South England. We've got some very awesome coaches lined up alongside the usual awesome trinity of Mckenzie, Skala and Swaby.

A BIG Thank you to our Sponsors BEAVER FIT, Wolverson Fitness and Synergy Supplements for providing some fantastic prizes to give away in the competitions.

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Unknown said...

Cj, brilliant summary! Training in Reading is always good. I'm holding a POSE Running workshop this Sunday at David Lloyd in Reading. Folk can get details and book via

If you can book via the site then there are spaces available.

Happy Running :)

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