Friday, 8 April 2011

Full Throttle WOW #10

We had a very special guest attending the Gull Throttle last Saturday. Mr BJ Rule from Optimal Life Fitness graced us with his presence :). It was great to have him training with us. The session was simple, circuit format. We worked in pairs. Each station consisted of 2 exercises (change with your partner after 1 min) Station 1. Get ups (partner on your back) Change with your partner after 1 min Station 2 Roll and jump over (this was for 2 minutes flat - sorry guys) Station 3 Fireman carry Change with your partner after 1 min Station 4 Bench jumps Mahler's swings (2KB's) Station 5 Bear crawls (with 2x16kg KB) Flying burpees Repeat the circuit 3 x, rest 1 min inbetween circuits. Then rest... Then - the finisher 1 min of each Staircase sprints (carrying your partner on your back) Bridal carry various holds Job done. The video from the session can be checked out here Sabina

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