Sunday, 30 August 2009

Home Fitness Workout : Road to recovery

About two weeks ago i managed to dislodge by 5th and 6th Rib from my costal cartilage, plus fracture them as well (my love of combat sports knows no boundaries). I've been written off for six weeks. They guys over at Balance Physiotherapy have been taking good care of me and I'll be back on the mat wrestling, in no time.

What has changed is my training. I've had to come to terms with my physical limitations and listen to my body a lot more. I haven't let this stop me. I'm learning to work around it. I'll be posting more about my road to recovery in the coming weeks.

Thought I'd share my workout with you. Taking it back to basics with this one.

Extreme Home Fitness Workout

Work to rest ratio in seconds 45:15

Complete 2 circuits = 1 round.

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Complete 2 rounds

1) Double Handed Kettlebell Swings (moderately heavy)
2) Burpees
3) Stair Sprints (the neighbours loved this one)
4) Press ups

And talking of combat sports below is a great post by the legendary Steve Maxwell.
An example of clear simple instruction, and effective technique. I take my hat of to you steve (if I was wearing one).

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bulgarian Bag The Homemade Way

Last month we posted a piece about Bulgarian bags. No question they are a great piece of kit for developing renegade strength. A stumbling block for some is the price. We stock them, but appreciate they are not cheap. However, what we stock is high quality.

What if you want the benefits of training with the Bulgarian bag, but price is holding you back? Well, if you don't mind lesser quality, or putting in some serious elbow grease, then definitely go the homemade way.

Matt Witchlinski over on youtube, posted a great video on how to make a Bulgarian bag, all for a fraction of the price. Great work Matt.

DIY Bulgarian Bag

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Get Hench...... Or Die Trying!

Hench - Adj . large muscular stature. Awesome physique. A colloquialism currently used in England, originating in the mid 1990's.

Or to put it in layman's terms, its slang. Out and about in London town traveling between clients today, I saw a young man chasing a bus wearing a T-shirt saying, "Get Hench.....or Die Trying." I chuckled to myself, amused at the take on Gangsta Rapper, 50 Cent's slogan, "Get Rich or Die Trying."

When I returned to the office I googled it. Turns out its a bit of a movement. Started by controversial character Olu Johson, who featured on the BBC Three Program, Blood Sweat and Takeaways, Get Hench or Die Trying has been kicking up a storm. It seems they are in close quarters with G.W.A (Gym With Attitude), a kind of underground backlash against the current commercial fitness industry. Its definitely not for everybody, and they make no apologies for it.

Whether you digg them or are disgusted by them, its an interesting concept which will apparently capture the psyche of a disgruntled wave of people. Get Hench or Die Trying? There are probably a few incidents where people have almost died trying to get hench - but that's another blog entry.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Goal 2 Goal Football: Too Fast Too Furious

Goal to Goal is an emerging form of soccer sweeping through every borough of London at break neck speed. Players pit themselves against each other. Seven seconds, two touches. Most goals scored in a six minute thirty second game wins. Fast paced action designed to improve your first contact with the ball,control, speed and power.

Sunday 9th August sees London's largest tournament of this kind, taking place. CJS Fitness will be down there showing support and giving demonstrations on how to improve your power and speed for football (or soccer if you prefer). Come down and watch the action taking place on the pitch or even test your skills if you dare! For full details visit

Goal 2 Goal Football : Too Fast Too Furious

Thursday, 6 August 2009

CJS Fitness: Full Throttle Fitness Workout of the Week

CJS Fitness Full Throttle Fitness Workout Of The Week

We decided to run an impromptu session outdoor as we had such beautiful weather for it. Full Throttle Fitness is taking a sabbatical over the summer, and will return improved and far more fierce! Taking place in the surreal back drop of Clapham Common, South West London (think British Military fitness, and random drunks scurrying across the green), we dragged some kit from Balance Physiotherapy and cracked on with a session that left most of the participants cursing Cj up to the end of the week.

In The Tool Bag

Tornado Ball
Gym Boss

Here's what we got up to

Warm Up: Joint mobility and dynamic movement (10 minutes)

Circuit A

1) Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch
2) Burpees into tuck jump and rotate to land on opposite line of cones
3) Tornado ball
5) Traveling press ups between two markers

45 seconds per station 15 seconds to change/ rest
x 2 rounds = 1 set

Rest x 1 minute

Complete 2 sets

Circuit B

Modified Tabatta Protocol 20 seconds work/ 10 Seconds rest
Complete 4 rounds per exercise.
8 rounds = 1 block.

Complete 3 blocks

Rest 1 minute between block.

Split into group A and group B.

Group A does had sprints between cones (approx 15 meters)

Group B does hand to hand swing (rest in the rack posotion)

switch around after 4 rounds.

Circuit C

Mark out cones about 15 meters apart.

1 minute exercise x 1 round

Work in pairs

1) sprint between cones and drop to floor and get up to sprint back. Partner then does the same.

2)Bear Crawl length and back the partner goes.

3) Wheel barrow the length and change when you reach the cones.

4) Frog hops with hands behind head to the gone and back to start. Then partner goes.

Cool down stretch out. Job done!

Seeing as it was James Bowers birthday, we thought we would celebrate with some high performance post work out nutrition at Fantasia in Clapham Old Town. Full English Breakfast anyone?..ahem.

Full Throttle Fitness will return in the winter.

Happy Birthday James!