Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Epilepsy Increases Drowning Risk

A recent article on Medscape reported that people with epilepsy have a high risk of drowning when compared to the general population. The article goes on to say,

"Researchers have quantified the risk and report that epilepsy raises the likelihood of drowning 15- to 19-fold — most probably as a result of seizures that occur during swimming or bathing [italics added]. The findings appear in the August 19, 2008 issue of Neurology. And so the article rolls painfully on stating that,

"People with epilepsy should still be encouraged to swim, but supervision is especially important," Dr. Sander said. "Patients need to be careful and should never enter the water without someone who knows about their condition and who can intervene, if necessary."

Now surely this is a no brainer. Its said that there is nothing common about sense, but surely by the very nature of the condition, developing a study that concludes that Epilepsy increases drowning risk is just plain stating the obvious. Its a bit like saying,

"people who are physically active are more likely to get fit then those who are not".

I'm not playing down the seriousness of the condition and that attention should be brought light about epilepsy and drowning, but come on people did you really need to invest time and money to do a study to come to this conclusion? I don't know, maybe its just me.

I guess I see a difference between research for the sake of research, and developing a study that will increase understanding and pushes forward for a solution. Its a thin line, but one that should be questioned rather than simply lapping up what researchers and scientists spew out.

You can check out the full medscape article on their website.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Team Hoyt

Its been a long time since I have been moved like this. An amazing team that for me capture the essence of the human spirit. Breath taking. Thank you to Sabina Skala, Personal Trainer at Energie Fitness in Fulham, London, for sending this over.

Rick and Dick Hoyt

It can be done.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

The secret behind effective training (hint it's a virtue)

I receive a lot of newsletters in my inbox. Some I actually take the time to read, others get demoted to the trash with one swift click. One blog that delivers 95% of the time sent through a gem the other day.

Seth Godin wrote a piece entitled The secret of the web. I've included an extract below,

"I discovered a lucky secret the hard way about thirty years ago: you can outlast the other guys if you try. If you stick at stuff that bores them, it accrues. Drip, drip, drip you win.

It still takes ten years to become a success, web or no web. The frustrating part is that you see your tactics fail right away. The good news is that over time, you get the satisfaction of watching those tactics succeed right away."

Can you see where I'm going with this? So whats the secret? put simply it's patience. Training is alot like this. Doing the little things, or what we hate because we know that it will benefit us in the long run. Consistent concerted effort. But it takes time. It takes patience. The quick way is not always the right way, anymore than the cheapest is not always the best.

What do Michael Johnson, Nelson Mandela, Paula Radcliffe, Muhammad Ali, Joe Calzache, Asafa Powell and Lance Armstrong all have in common? They were all ten years or more in the making. At some point they all had a vision and stayed with it until it became a reality. One second at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time.

I shared Seth Godin's Post with Jonathan Lewis of Industrial Strength London who took it to another level. I'll leave you with his thoughts on the matter,

"Anyway thanks, this email [Blog post] is more useful than perhaps its author intended or suspected it might be........

Every pursuit in/of the universe seems to demand that we have patience if we want sustainable results. There are no exceptions to the rule depending what your time perspective is.

If I become a millionaire in 2 years, continue to make money that I can spend and enjoy over a life time but then on my death it all comes to an end was I a success?

I think perhaps we should be trying to influence as many people as possible within relationships that lasts as long a duration as possible.

Maybe if we can influence beyond the generation we are a part of then we are starting to be successful?"


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Boxing Secrets 101

If you take care of your tools, your tools will take care of you. One of the most important pieces of kit in a boxers tool box are his hands. You can be doing all the boxing fitness training or technique work you like, but if you break or injure your hands then you've lost before you've even entered the ring.

Wrapping your hands is as an important skill for a boxer as is learning to fight, but its often overlooked. My friend Martin Snow over at Trinity Boxing in the USA has posted a useful clip on youtube, showing you one way of how its done. Check it out below

And just in case you were wondering....

Thanks for this Martin.

Monday, 11 August 2008

10 Interesting facts about Bowel cancer

Here are a number of interesting facts about bowel cancer.

1) Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer.

2) It affects males and females.

3) Bowel cancer screening has just been introduced in the UK.

4) It is the first cancer screening programme to include males.

5)Diet and exercise are important factors, as an unhealthy diet contributes to an increased risk of bowel cancer.

6) Exercise is thought to move what we eat through the bowel faster.

7) Irritants like alcohol can increase the risk of bowel cancer. Other toxins that are in contact with the bowel wall for prolonged periods may also increase risk.

8) Drinking sufficient water and exercising helps to flush the bowel of harmful substances.

9) Eating a healthy diet in the first place helps to reduce risk, but our dietary habits are formed from an early age.

10) It is never too late to introduce healthy eating, and exercise.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

10 New Kettlebell Video Clips

Well, actually a few more - but who's counting? New explosive Kettlebell clips have just been added to the CJS Fitness Channel on youtube. If you wanted tips to help perfect your Kettlebell technique, or a starting point if you're new to kettlebells then this is for you. The playlist features some of the finest Kettlebell Coaches internationally.

Let me know if there are any kettlbell exercises that you would like to see added and I'll track them down.


Saturday, 2 August 2008

Kettlebells land down at Fitzroy Lodge

It was a scorching hot summer Sunday when myself and the crew from London Kettlebells, Steve and Ken, arrived at our South East London destination to deliver our Kettlebell Seminar. Fitroy Lodge is a corner stone when it comes to boxing. Established in 1908, the Lodge was originally based in Walcott Square and sported three rings. However Hitler had other plans, in 1939 during the Blitz the club was bombed and destroyed, reducing it to rubble. After a nomadic existence in the years that followed, the club finally found a permanent home under the arches in Lambeth Road in 1946. On the 28th July 2008 we gathered in the sweltering heat of the arches to throw around some bombs of our own, for six hours of hard working fun.

This seminar content was different to ones I had previously run with London Kettlebells. After feedback, Ken and Steve had found that previous workshops covered too much material and they wanted anyone who did a seminar to walk away with a solid foundation in the basic Kettlebell exercises, and feel confident with what they had learned. A testiment to their integrity.

The group was a mix of Boxing Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Kettlebell enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. So we had to pitch the level just right. Ken led the dynamic warm up which had quite a few people regretting the saturday night binge before. After a brief moment to gather their mental faculties, Steve was next up to bat going through the finer subtleties of the Swing and its variations. I followed, highlighting important coaching points of the clean and common mistakes.

The heat soon began to get to people. We took frequent breaks so that everyone could rehydrate and regroup. Ken, Steve and Myself rotated leading. We went through the Snatch, The Turkish Get up, Clean and Press, and the Windmill. After a well earned lunch, I went through some new material I had created, geared towards boxers and fighters. Due to the extreme fatigue the goup was experiencing, I had to modify my original plan. The combination of bodyweight and Kettlebell exercises showed the group "where its at" when it comes to the benefits of kettlebell workouts (as Steve so poetically put it!).

I've ran workshops with London Kettlebells for well over a year now and its always a pleasure to work with Ken and Steve. The group worked hard and was enthusiastic which makes the seminar all the more enjoyable - there were some real characters present. Thank you to Mick Carney for use of Fitzroy Lodge, and all the other Coaches who took part in the seminar and made everyone feel welcome.