Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sabina - Training Blog 28th April (Sabina & Leoni Munslow)

Sabina - 8 am
30 min easy run on empty.

Then afternoon (Sabina & Leoni @ Energie Fitness Club in Fulham)

3 rounds of
15 x swing @ 16kg KB
3 mins row @ >750 m

Rest 2 mins in-between rounds
5 mins intermission after 3rd round.

Leoni row
1. 687m @ 31s/m 2. 672m @ 33 3. 658m @ 34 s/m

Sabina row:
1. 751 @ 31 2. 730 @ 31 3. 715 @ 32

3 rounds of
15x Goblet squat @ 16kg KB

3 mins bear crawl (After first round Leoni had to change to quick step due to previous wrist injury)

Rest as above

Then 5 min plank hold

Done :)

This was Leoni's first session after a long break. The rowing times were not good for both of us. Leoni hasn't done IWT with 3 mins of work before and I have no data to compare. For me - I should have hit 750 m and above with every row interval. It looks like I haven't recovered fully, hence today it is going to be a recovery day.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sabina's training blog - April the 27th

Training at Energie Fitness Club in Fulham

Morning (on empty)

10x 250m row @ sub 58 sec

57.5 @ 33

57.1 @ 32

57.2 @ 31

56.9 @ 33

56.9 @33

56.8 @ 33

57.7 @ 33

57.8 @ 33

58.5 @ 33

58.7 @ 34

Failed 2x, which was better than last weeks 5 fails.

then "cosmetics" - naff cardio for 15 mins and 100x lunge @ 2x8kg

Then (afternoon) - 2.30pm


Build up to 70% 1RM power clean

5x3 @ 45kg (70% 1RM) focus on speed


Pull up ladder

10 -1 (55 pull ups in total)

then 6 mins plank hold

Sabina training blog - 26th April

26th April Tuesday - STRENGTH

I didn't have much time to train today, however managed to fit 20 mins training.

Warm up

3 rounds of

5 x wall squats

5 x shoulder dislocate (slow)


Build up to heavy OHS (up to 85% 1RM)

then 6 rounds of 3 x OHS @ 45 kg

Job done.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sabina's training blog - Easter training (23rd - 25th April)

Sabina's Training Blog - Easter time (23rd - 25th April)

Saturday the 23rd April

Some people learn hard way - unfortunately I am one of them. After Friday's session the obvious choice for Saturdays training was - recovery. However, I still decided to participate in our Saturdays group session (Full Throttle). It was CJ's time to lead the session and he included a lot of push ups, static holds, swings, grip work, rowing, etc. Basically - everything that I should not have done after Friday. Not only I wasn't able to keep up with the guys, I also managed to hurt my elbow (which I so carefully avoided on Friday changing push ups to pull ups).

So the lesson has been learned, my tendonitis is back, which means acupuncture and no pushing movements for at least 2 weeks.

Anyway - Saturdays training will be blogged as Full Throttle WOW.

Sunday 24th April - RECOVERY AND CHEAT DAY :)
Early morning run 40 mins (approx) on empty stomach

Monday 25th April (Power/endurance)

Early morning run on empty stomach 30 mins

Evening (7pm)

12x hill sprints

Friday, 22 April 2011

Training blog - 22nd April (Sabina & Ewan) IronMac's challenge time

IronMac's challenge for Friday.

(For a full description of the challenge check out IronMac Fitness on Facebook)

First a word to Andy - Sorry Mac but I had to modify the challenge slightly.
No excuses - but unfortunately both me and Ewan have injuries, which we had to work around.

The challenge was hmmmm ... interesting. I didn't expect the pull ups to be easy (in the end we both did 120 pull ups in total, which for me is quite a lot) but surprisingly this was the easiest part of the training. Rowing proved to be most difficult. Our rowing times were horrific. The last row was so bad that I didn't feel anythig, there was no fuel left.

Here is the challenge: :0)

Dead hang with 10kg attached - as long as you can (2:06 mins)

3 rounds of:
Sabina (had to replace push ups with pull ups)
40 x Pull ups
40 x Box Jumps @24" box
40 x Burpee to push up
Row 1200m

Ewan (had to replace box jumps and burpees)

3 rounds of:
40 x Pull ups
40 x KB swings @ 16kg KB
40 x push up (MAC STYLE)
Row 1200 m

Sabina's rowing times:
5.07 @ 30 - round 1
5.27 @ 30 - round 2
5.44 @ 32 - round 3

Ewan's rowing times:
5:18 @ 30 - round 1
5.50 @ 32 - round 2
6.20 @ 32 - round 3

Big THANK YOU to Ewan - he made it much easier for me to push it through the training.

Ps. A short note about my friend Ewan. Ewan Ross is a former British army Captain with the Royal Highland Fusiliers and the Parachute Regiment. After resigning his commission he entered the private military world working on counter kidnapping operations in South America to anti-terrorism operations in Pakistan.After a lot of deliberation he decided to pursue his dream and become an actor. Ewan stars in WW2 action drama "Age of Heroes" alongside Sean Bean and Danny Dyer (in cinemas very soon).

Ps2. I still have to do my dancing session with SJ this evening. LOL, that will be a funny one - I feel kind of tired ...

Training 21st of April (Will, Sabina)



Warm up - joint mobility, wall squats, shoulder dislocates, etc

Then - build up to heavy DL (80% 1RM)

5x2 @ 152kg

Then 12 mins of DL to squat thrust (max number is 12 mins)

Total: 50 DL's 50 squat thrusts

Then - wrist mobility work

Sabina (Recovery & dance)

7.30 am (on empty stomach)

30 mins easy run

then evening

90 mins dance practice


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Training Blog - Sabina (20th April)


For the next 6 weeks I will be blogging my training, also training of some of my friends and clients. Some days will be fun, some will probably crush my ego badly ;). So here we go...

8am (on empty stomach)

10x 250m row @ < 58sec
s/m - strokes per minute

59.4 @ 31 s/m
58.7 @ 31
57.9 @ 32
58.0 @ 32
56.8 @ 34
57.9 @ 32
57.4 @ 32
58.0 @ 32
58.0@ 33
57.2 @ 34

Failed 5x
100 lunges @ 2x8kg DB

Then (afternoon 5.30 pm)

Build up to heavy D/L


9x1 @ 92.5kg


50 TGU's @ 12 kg KB

(slow, focus on form)

then 6 mins plank hold


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Full Throttle Fitness WOW #12

The theme of last weeks workout was "How to become a man".

Warm up - Joint mobility etc


Manmaker ladder 1-10

Use 2x KB (weight of your choice - if you are a real man 2x 20kg and/or heavier, if you are Sabina - 2x12kg is just enough).

Bear crawl or staircase run (as your rest) in-between rounds

Then - CJ's finisher

3 rounds of

3 mins (aim for max number of sets), rest 90 sec between rounds

5 x double KB clean and push press

5 x windmill per arm

Job Done!

To watch the video from and the FUN we had, follow the link below:


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Full Throttle Fitness 2011 WOW # 11

Full Throttle Fitness 2011 WOW# 11 (Workout Of The Week)

By Coach Cj Swaby

This week it was pretty simple. Cj Swaby lead the sesison and jumped in the trenches with the crew. Kettlebells were this dish of the day with a tasty little finisher from Coach Sabina Skala. Here's how it went down.....

Warm up: Joint Mobility

Main Session


Double Kettlebell Snatch into Double Kettlebell Jerk x 10 reps (1 rep every 6 seconds)

x 5 sets. 90 seconds rest between sets.

Rest 4 minutes

B/ Double Kettlebell Clean into Kettlebell Front Squat

The Finisher

Plank hold x 5 minutes. Cj Swaby decided he would try it with a 15kg weighted vest, feet elevated on a bench and arms supported on a mini trampoline. Try it; its an interesting piece let me tell you!

If you want to improve your fitness beyond what you thought possible and train with some awesome people and great Coaches, come and help raise the bar. New class has now been added.

Full Throttle Fitness

Sat 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Road, London,SW4 6LE

Fri 7:15pm - 8:15pm

Energie Gym, Peterborough Road, London, SW6 3EF

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Training Day 2.0 At CrossFit Reading

By Coach Cj Swaby

Sunday 3rd April was Mother's day. It was also another special occassion, Training day 2.0 at Crossfit Reading. Four workshops, four couaches, one venue, one purpose. To deliver high class education to coaches and fitness enthusiasts, so that they could elevate their standard of training. I think we achieved that. Coach Sabina Skala, Andy "Iron Mac" McKenzie and I teamed up with the legendary Andy Bolton for an exciting day of learning and competitions.

After a rather scary and emotional journey in the wee hours of the morning we arrived at Reading in one piece. Our "Sab Nav" almost malfunctioned en route causing sufficient panic from all those clinging on to the seats of the car. As always, Coach Sabina Skala remained a picture of innocence as she turned to us, lowered her eyebrows and said "What?!". Too scared to say anything we got out of the car and prepared ourselves for what turned out to be a fantastic day and a great experience for all. Check out the clip below.

Training Day 2.0 At Crossfit Reading

As Coaches we were impressed by the level of attendees, their physical ability and openess to learning was mind blowing. There were Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, House wives, all sorts of people. Kanav Gupta (an Architect) pulled out some phenomenal lifting after the deadlift workshop with Andy Bolton (Kanav is the gut in the video clip with everyone screaming him to "get it up" ). Here's what he had to say about Training Day 2.0

"Training Day 2.0 was a great eye opener to some very different ways of training than you might find in your everyday gyms or with your everyday trainers.As a non-PT, I was able to learn in plain simple language, great techniques that I can incorporate in my own training.

Andy Mckenzie, CJ Swaby, Sabina Skala and Andy Bolton were very clear in all of their individual seminars. It was a great way to learn new things at the same time as enjoying myself. Great day altogether.... AND I got a new Deadlift PB after just one day! Great day and great people to learn from!"

Training Day 2.0 will be making a London appearance in September 2011, then we will run the complete Training Day series, North England, and South England. We've got some very awesome coaches lined up alongside the usual awesome trinity of Mckenzie, Skala and Swaby.

A BIG Thank you to our Sponsors BEAVER FIT, Wolverson Fitness and Synergy Supplements for providing some fantastic prizes to give away in the competitions.

Join our mailing list or facebook group to keep up to date.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Full Throttle WOW #10

We had a very special guest attending the Gull Throttle last Saturday. Mr BJ Rule from Optimal Life Fitness graced us with his presence :). It was great to have him training with us. The session was simple, circuit format. We worked in pairs. Each station consisted of 2 exercises (change with your partner after 1 min) Station 1. Get ups (partner on your back) Change with your partner after 1 min Station 2 Roll and jump over (this was for 2 minutes flat - sorry guys) Station 3 Fireman carry Change with your partner after 1 min Station 4 Bench jumps Mahler's swings (2KB's) Station 5 Bear crawls (with 2x16kg KB) Flying burpees Repeat the circuit 3 x, rest 1 min inbetween circuits. Then rest... Then - the finisher 1 min of each Staircase sprints (carrying your partner on your back) Bridal carry various holds Job done. The video from the session can be checked out here Sabina

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Phoenix Project

Domestic Violence is common. Doesn't mean it's acceptable.

The Phoenix Project was set up for women and teenage survivors of domestic violence. The aim is simple; Physical improvement and self empowerment, Jane's wish is that she'd like everyone to have a positive day not focusing on the past but focusing on what we’d all like to achieve for the future.

Without Jane Maddern, IKFF Kettlebell Coach, this project would not have been possible. Here is Jane's Story.

Jane Maddern's Story

Jane Maddern, IKFF CKT Level 1

"I am a ‘survivor’, not a victim. That’s how I now see myself; but believe me it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time in my life when I was told what to think, when to move. I was afraid to do either without permission. The consequences were often terrifying and violent. In May 2008 I was beaten and broken so badly I could no longer make up a story to cover it up. I know how hard it is to find the confidence to even leave the house, I was told I was useless and worthless. But it was time for change. It was hard. But I did it.

The reasons behind my journey with fitness, nutrition and kettlebells was initially twofold – my Crohn’s Disease, and my emotional rehabilitation.

Every day I invest in me – with my eating habits and my training, now I’m strong because of it.

I found even on days when I didn’t even feel like focusing or getting out of bed I did to train! Afterwards I felt like I achieved something and I felt better about myself, more confident too. It gave me a reason to eat, sleep and take better care of myself.

The stronger my body became, the stronger my mind became. I was healing myself both physically and emotionally. Plus I got a great sense of achievement at the end of each workout, and I know I can still achieve more, not only physically, but in all areas of my life. One day at a time, rep by rep, step by step.

I’m often asked why I started The Phoenix Project. It’s simple really. Domestic Violence is common, but it’s unacceptable. By setting up The Phoenix project we can help you start a new life. A life with hope, a life where you’re proud of YOU, a life you grow to love. This has worked to empower me, it could possibly do the same for you. Give it a try, see what happens. Because quite possibly – we’ll help put the strength back into you!!"

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman

The workshop is being supported and hosted by Wolverson Fitness, who have been a massive help in making this project happen. 100 Rep Challenge are also backing The Phoenix Project 100%.

Jane Maddern has teamed up with Cj Swaby of CJS Fitness and Keris Marsden of Fitter London to deliver this ground breaking workshop.

To find out more about this FREE workshop, and to book on click HERE.

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