Friday, 22 April 2011

Training blog - 22nd April (Sabina & Ewan) IronMac's challenge time

IronMac's challenge for Friday.

(For a full description of the challenge check out IronMac Fitness on Facebook)

First a word to Andy - Sorry Mac but I had to modify the challenge slightly.
No excuses - but unfortunately both me and Ewan have injuries, which we had to work around.

The challenge was hmmmm ... interesting. I didn't expect the pull ups to be easy (in the end we both did 120 pull ups in total, which for me is quite a lot) but surprisingly this was the easiest part of the training. Rowing proved to be most difficult. Our rowing times were horrific. The last row was so bad that I didn't feel anythig, there was no fuel left.

Here is the challenge: :0)

Dead hang with 10kg attached - as long as you can (2:06 mins)

3 rounds of:
Sabina (had to replace push ups with pull ups)
40 x Pull ups
40 x Box Jumps @24" box
40 x Burpee to push up
Row 1200m

Ewan (had to replace box jumps and burpees)

3 rounds of:
40 x Pull ups
40 x KB swings @ 16kg KB
40 x push up (MAC STYLE)
Row 1200 m

Sabina's rowing times:
5.07 @ 30 - round 1
5.27 @ 30 - round 2
5.44 @ 32 - round 3

Ewan's rowing times:
5:18 @ 30 - round 1
5.50 @ 32 - round 2
6.20 @ 32 - round 3

Big THANK YOU to Ewan - he made it much easier for me to push it through the training.

Ps. A short note about my friend Ewan. Ewan Ross is a former British army Captain with the Royal Highland Fusiliers and the Parachute Regiment. After resigning his commission he entered the private military world working on counter kidnapping operations in South America to anti-terrorism operations in Pakistan.After a lot of deliberation he decided to pursue his dream and become an actor. Ewan stars in WW2 action drama "Age of Heroes" alongside Sean Bean and Danny Dyer (in cinemas very soon).

Ps2. I still have to do my dancing session with SJ this evening. LOL, that will be a funny one - I feel kind of tired ...

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