Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pushing The Boundaries Of Your Body's Power

"BodyPower is an explosive weekend packed full of action for any health and fitness enthusiast. BodyPower is the UK's leading health, fitness and nutrition expo; encompassing exciting live action, competitions, appearances from sporting superstars, interactive workshops, educational seminars and much more."

That's how they've billed it, and it promises to live up to that and then some. Cj Swaby will be part of the IKFF team representing at this "who's who" of the strength and conditioning world. Rannoch Donald has been integral to making IKFF and Kettlebells a strong feature of this event. Rannoch has a grueling 100 rep bodyweight challenge for you to get your teeth around, with a free GYM BOSS for the brave top participants. Steve Cotter will be rocking the show, with the support of the IKFF Team (Jonathan Lewis, Rannoch, Cj Swaby) and Bj and Tommy of Optimal Life Fitness who will be hosting a Sprint Kettlebell Competition.

Tickets are going quicker than Delia's Smiths home made hot cross buns. Come down and witness the fitness, guaranteed fun day to be had by all.

"Come and see some of the world’s most athletic and powerful athletes all under one roof."

Check it out here

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Full Throttle Fitness W.O.W # 15

Last Saturday was different. Coach Swaby was absent, plus we had a few new faces showing up for the class. When Cj was pursuing his acting career, proudly showing his toned arms filming in Dulwich , people here in Balance actually did some serious work.

The workout was simple (do not confuse with EASY). We warmed up as always with some joint mobility work and agility drills. Then everyone picked 2 kettlebells for the core part of the session. The goal was to complete 5 rounds of 5 exercises with minimum or none rest. The trick was that all of us had to keep going until the last person finished 5 rounds. The complex looked like:

5 (or more for some) rounds of:

10 push ups (chest touches the floor)

10 double jerks (optional push press)

10 front squats (k/b's in a rack position)

5 knee jumps

10 double (optional single) swings

2 minutes rest

Burpee ladder (from 10 to 1)

then finisher: sprints avoiding moving human obstacles :)

It was ""fun".

Full Throttle Fitness
Saturday's 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Road, London, SW4 6LE

If you want to get seriously fit then come down and join us, £10 VIP txt list £15 without.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Health & Fitness Magazine : The Showdown

Coach Cj Swaby

So last Thursday I met up with Lucy from Health & Fitness magazine at NKD Ambition for our first session. Lucy had already sent me her current training schedule. After a quick glance, it became apparent that there was huge room for improvement. Currently training 5 - 6 days per week, twice per day on a split routine of CV and weights (straight sets 15 reps x 3 sets) we made some changes to provide adequate recovery periods, effective utilisation of time, and give her body a nice little shock to get it out of the plateau she was currently experiencing. I'll post more about that in the coming weeks, as the real reason Lucy had come to see me was to learn the noble art of pugilism (boxing to you and me).

After an initial consultation (including taking baseline measurements and a brief conversation about her aims) we hit the gym floor ready for action. Before we got into the mechanics of boxing, I wanted to see how Lucy moved which would enable me to see which route to take. We did a functional movement "screening" working through different movement patterns and directions so I could see what was going on.

After that, we got the wraps and the gloves on. Lucy had already attended a boxing circuit session with Cathy Brown over at Bitch Boxing in Third Space, I asked her to show me what she knew. After a nervous start, she unleashed her full repertoire. Nice. We got to work.

A former gymnast and natural athlete, Lucy picked things up pretty quickly. My aim was to start with the basics to establish a solid foundation, and build on it over the coming weeks. Keeping it simple. We started off with what I consider to be the most important aspect. Stance and foot work. A good stance, solid base and foot work are all essentials to enable you to move around the ring, slipping in and out of range, cutting off the angles of the ring so your opponent has nowhere to run (or conversely enables you to escape should you need too!) Correct connection to the ground will enable to generate considerable power through reaction forces. If you are not rooted, your power diminishes considerably.

We then went on to mechanics of the basic boxing punches, the lead jab and the rear hand. Lucy was popping out the shots rapidly, hitting the mark. As her confidence increased Lucy's shots became more fluid. But her defense needed work. I had to remind Lucy that pads were "interactive" and a few times I gently tagged her on the chin just to remind her, "See, you would have been laid out on the canvas by now!" She smiled and duly raised her guard.

After several rounds on pads, we went on to a conditioning section which consisted mainly of Kettlebell exercises. After brief technique refinement, we hit some timed Kettlebell complexes, then cooled down and stretched out. Next session we'll be turning up the heat, working on her straights shots, plus adding in two defenses, "the salute", and "the stop". Now it begins.

Check out Lucy Miller's Boxing Blog every week at Health & Fitness Magazine.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The morning with bicep curls

I must admit to something – I hardly ever watch other trainers in the gym but as I was just relaxing after finishing my morning training I heard 3 intriguing words ("sport specific " and "triathlon") . I train a few endurance athletes but I still find that training is an ongoing learning process. Every single session, month, year can be a surprise, things that should work - don’t, things that theoretically shouldn't – sometimes prove to enforce the right adaptation, etc. Therefore every time I have a chance to watch an s&c coach working with their athletes, I always try to understand their methodology and pick up some new ideas, which once they are stolen I count as mine. This morning, I failed to understand any logic behind the training I watched. I witnessed (spied on) someone calling himself strength coach training one of his clients. From the conversation they had I knew the trainer's intention was to prepare his client for a triathlon. Guess what a fantastic functional exercise occupied about 15 mins of his (1 hour) session with the trainer - BICEP CURLS! Done different ways: standing, preacher curl, famous 21's etc. Whoooohoooo!!! Before the biceps they did some "chest" on the bench, I counted 4 sets of 10 reps. I could hear the trainer telling his client how well he will do in the upcoming event. Well...if his training looks like today’s session every time, he will need some serious amount of luck to even complete the race. Will the curls and bench make that poor guy run or cycle faster - I doubt it, maybe they will make his stroke more powerful? - have no idea how, but ... who knows... The mystery of the purpose of that session remains completely uncovered to me. If anyone can explain it to me – I will truly appreciate it.

Friday, 16 April 2010

ACLT 10K Bone-Marrow-Thon : Royal Marine Challenge


The ACLT 10k Run is soon approaching. You can still join us to run for this amazing cancer charity that is doing fantastic work at a grass roots level. find out more about the ACLT and the run click here

For those of you crazy enough to do it, Cj will be running it loaded with a 20kg sandbag back pack, kindly donated by Joel over at The Strength Company. Any one who is willing to match his challenge can win a months free personal training and a set of kettlebells (but you've got got to beat his time!). Terms and conditions apply, but contact us through the CJS Fitness website for further information.

The idea to run it with a 20kg back pack was the brain child of Jonathan Lewis of Industrial Strength, as it is the weight of a Royal Marines back pack with which they have to traverse rough terrain over marathon distances. Ever up for a challenge, Cj Swaby took it on (more fool him really).

If you can't make it you can donate at

(remember to type the name "Cj Swaby" when donating) We're aiming to raise 5,000.00 GBP So dig deep!

CJS Fitness would like to thank Leigh over at Pioneers Running Shop / Running Club in Clapham. They have supported us and the ACLT runners by putting on training runs leading up to the 10k. If you're looking for a friendly running club in South London or quality running gear, Pioneers Running is the place to be.

Full Throttle Fitness W.O.W #14

So, with all this talk of Gym Jones coming to the Uk in October, and the F.D.I (First Degree Instructor Certification) in London, the number 300 was sticking in Cj's brain. This week the Full Throttle Fitness Class was pretty simple, 300 Reps (plus some change to go with it). For those of you that don't know who Gym Jones are or the Film 300 get to know!

Full Throttle Fitness W.O.W # 14

Warm Up: Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement

Section 1: Cj Swaby

Spartan 300 Rep Workout

1) 100 Double Kettlebell Jerks : 10 reps x 10 sets (25 seconds rest in between)

Rest 1 minute

2) 100 Single Arm Kettlebell Over head squat 20 reps (10 per arm) x 5 sets (20 seconds rest in between)

3) 100 Kettlebell Snatches Alternating arm every 10 reps.

Rest 3 minutes

Section Two: Cj Swaby

Tabata Sprints

20:10 Work / rest ratio x 8 rounds.

This equals one block. We completed 3 blocks with 1 minute rest in between.

This is what it looked like.....

Spartan 300 Workout (plus some change!)

Try it out, let us know how you got on. Needless to say we were toast!

Full Throttle Fitness
Saturday 12:15pm- 1:15pm
Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Road, Clapham, SW4 6LE

Join us if you think you've got the minerals!

Fighting Fit : Health & Fitness Magazine Feature

CJS Fitness has hooked up with a Lucy from Health & Fitness Magazine. She is a typical gym bunny. Loves her training, works ups a sweat 4- 6 days a week. She even runs the odd marathon. She is fit. But something is lacking in her training and Lucy wants to take it to the next level, while trying something new and exciting at the same time. That's where CJS Fitness comes in.

Cj Swaby will be challenging Lucy over the next six weeks. She wants to learn a new skill at the same time, so boxing is perfect for that. Cj will put Lucy through her paces and have her throwing silky smooth punches like she was Sugar Ray Leanord, but she will have to show the grit and determination of Marvin Hagler to get through the conditioning sessions if Lucy is to achieve her goal.

Cj and Lucy will be training at a fantastic new personal training studio and gym called NKD Ambition in the heart of central London. Head Trainer and Manager, Alexis, has kindly allowed them to use the space. Their company ethos of 360 degree training is in alignment with what CJS Fitness stands for, and Cj is itching to play around on the punch bags, Kettlebells and Olympic weightlifitng platforms.

Each training session will be blogged by Cj Swaby, plus Lucy will be sharing her experience on the Health & Fitness website. Exciting stuff. LETS GET REEADDY TO RUUUUUMMMMBBLLEEE!! ... ahem.

NEW CJS Fitness Website Launched

It's been a long while coming, but finally the new CJS Fitness website went up online this week. Easy to navigate, with great information, video clips and the like, it has been well received.

On the new site we've got details about the Gym Jone First Degree Instructor Certification in London (FDI)happening in October 2010. Plus you can find out about our Kettlebell classes in London, Boxing Classes, Kettlebell workshops in London and our new SGPT commonly known as Small Group Personal Training.

Click the link below and let us know what you think.

Full Throttle Fitness W.O.W #13

We've been a bit slack recently and eased off the pace filming our workouts. For this we have been duly chastised by the lesser mortals that are unable to make it down to the Full Throttle Fitness Class.

So allow me to retort, "DON'T TALK ABOUT IT, BE ABOUT IT!" come to the session and you wouldn't have to worry about getting your weekly video fix! However, I was duly reminded by Coach Sabina Skala that not everyone can make it down and I should stop being so stubborn. We arm wrestled for it. She won. So from next week we'll film again.

So here is what we got up to on Saturday 10th April.

Full Throttle Fitness Workout Of The Week #13

Warm up Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement

Section One: Coach Skala

IWT Protocol (Interval Weight Training)


A)15 Double Handed Kettlebell Swings
B)Traveling Burpees x 2 Minutes

x 3 sets. Rest 1 minute between sets

Having completed part 1) rest 3 minutes and go into part 2...


A)15 Single arm Kettlebell Squat into Over head Press
B)2 minutes fartlek sprints

x 3 sets. Rest 1 minute between sets.

Simple and effective, head down we threw ourselves at this MCT (mixed circuit training) piece.

Section Two: Cj Swaby

Partner MCT Protocol
(Mixed Circuit Training)

3 stations. 45 seconds work: 15 seconds transition. Complete 4 circuits.

Exercise Menu

1)Partner Kettlebell Swings (passing Kettlebell back and forth to each other)
2)Sand back through and catch (by any means necessary)
3)Marine Kit bag flip and catch

Smoking!! Fun was had by all. After a few moments to gather our faculties, we headed over to Cafe Nile in Clapham North to refuel and enjoy the rest of the sunny day.

Full Throttle Fitness Class
Saturday 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden road, London, Sw4 6LE

£15 or £10 with V.I.P text.

Contact us: 07903 210 510

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Full Throttle Fitness W.O.W # 12

Crucifiction and rebirth. That was the theme for this easters Full Throttle Fitness Class Easter special. It's never our intention to offend on religious grounds, but sometimes these things happen. Those who received the pre-class VIP texts that were offended, we hear what you are saying and value your opinion. Appreciated.

Now lets get down to some training. Those who suirvived, go a T-shirt as a testimony to their survival and good effort. Gwaan! Cj Swaby eased everyone into cocktail of Mixed Circuit Training (MCT) that got everyone suitably softened up for classic Coach Skala Kettlebell brutality.

Full Throttle Fitness Workout Of The Week - W.O.W # 13

Warm up: Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement/ Wrestling Partner Drills

Section one: Cj Swaby

MCT Protocol - Work: Rest Ratio was 45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest/ change over
6 exercises x 3 rounds.

Exercise Menu

1)Hammer 10 to 2 swing (see video for demonstration)
2)Sand bag squat with tornado
3)Swiss ball jack knife into pike hold
4)Parkour style box jumps with rotation
5)Double Handed Heavy Kettlebell Swings
6)Heavy Single Arm Kettlebell Jerks

With 2 minute respite to contemplate our immediate future we then went head on into....

Section Two: Coach Sabina Skala

Double Kettlebell Complex
Protocol: 6 reps per exercise x 5 sets with NO DESIGNATED REST (I know, I know)

Exercise Menu

1) Swings
2)Renegade Row (thats 6 reps per side, not total)
3)Front Squat in rack position
4)Push press
5)Front Squat in rack position
6)Press ups off the kettlebells

After this one our lifeless bodies littered the floor of balance physiotherapy, until Cj told everyone there were free T-shirts going (after we cooled down with the wrestling "tag" partner drill). Reanimated, we trotted over to Cafe Seconda to complete our ressurection with a post training meal of fish, salad and prawnies (which was an adventure in itself - but you had to be there!)

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