Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Full Throttle Fitness W.O.W # 15

Last Saturday was different. Coach Swaby was absent, plus we had a few new faces showing up for the class. When Cj was pursuing his acting career, proudly showing his toned arms filming in Dulwich , people here in Balance actually did some serious work.

The workout was simple (do not confuse with EASY). We warmed up as always with some joint mobility work and agility drills. Then everyone picked 2 kettlebells for the core part of the session. The goal was to complete 5 rounds of 5 exercises with minimum or none rest. The trick was that all of us had to keep going until the last person finished 5 rounds. The complex looked like:

5 (or more for some) rounds of:

10 push ups (chest touches the floor)

10 double jerks (optional push press)

10 front squats (k/b's in a rack position)

5 knee jumps

10 double (optional single) swings

2 minutes rest

Burpee ladder (from 10 to 1)

then finisher: sprints avoiding moving human obstacles :)

It was ""fun".

Full Throttle Fitness
Saturday's 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Road, London, SW4 6LE

If you want to get seriously fit then come down and join us, £10 VIP txt list £15 without.

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