Friday, 16 April 2010

ACLT 10K Bone-Marrow-Thon : Royal Marine Challenge


The ACLT 10k Run is soon approaching. You can still join us to run for this amazing cancer charity that is doing fantastic work at a grass roots level. find out more about the ACLT and the run click here

For those of you crazy enough to do it, Cj will be running it loaded with a 20kg sandbag back pack, kindly donated by Joel over at The Strength Company. Any one who is willing to match his challenge can win a months free personal training and a set of kettlebells (but you've got got to beat his time!). Terms and conditions apply, but contact us through the CJS Fitness website for further information.

The idea to run it with a 20kg back pack was the brain child of Jonathan Lewis of Industrial Strength, as it is the weight of a Royal Marines back pack with which they have to traverse rough terrain over marathon distances. Ever up for a challenge, Cj Swaby took it on (more fool him really).

If you can't make it you can donate at

(remember to type the name "Cj Swaby" when donating) We're aiming to raise 5,000.00 GBP So dig deep!

CJS Fitness would like to thank Leigh over at Pioneers Running Shop / Running Club in Clapham. They have supported us and the ACLT runners by putting on training runs leading up to the 10k. If you're looking for a friendly running club in South London or quality running gear, Pioneers Running is the place to be.

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