Monday, 26 October 2009

270 Rep Challenge - Metabolloxed!

It's been some time since I've had a spiritual experience during a workout, but this time I called out a few deities, and had to search deep within to pull through it.

Who's idea was it? well, it was mine. It seemed like a good idea, until the end of the first set when James Bower and I realised the daunting task that lay before us. Apologies to the patients at Balance Physiotherapy (who could hear our cries of agony through the treatment room doors).

Designed to blitz the legs here's what we got up to

Barbell Hack Squat
(70 - 80% 1RM) x 10 reps
Double Kettlebell Front Squat x 10 reps
Box jumps x 10 reps

= 1 Round (30 reps total)

3 Rounds = 1 set (90 reps total)

Complete 3 sets (270 reps total)

No rest between rounds. Rest 3 minutes between sets.

We'll be archiving this one (only to reappear in the far far future) Try this out and let us know how you get on (go on, we dare you).

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Kettlebell Breakfast Class

Wednesday morning Kettlebell class was a potent mix of exercises for time, plus sets. Rest assured by the end of the 45 minute Kettlebell class we were FULLY awake! The menu was as follows


Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement
Hand to hand Kettlbell swings x 1 minute, finely garnished with single arm cleans x 1 minute per arm.

Main Course

Gently divide the group into A and B. While group B simmers with the Kettlebell in the rack position, group A completes the following:

Single arm press, followed by a Jerk x 5 reps per arm
Allow group A to then gently simmer while group B performs the exercise.
Alternate for 3 sets straight.

Upon recovery, select the appropriate Kettlebell and perform 10 front squats. Once completed each member holds the Kettlebell in the rack position, while the first member of the group runs two lengths of the room. Upon return, they gingerly hold the Kettlbell in the rack position, then the second member of the group runs two lengths. The process is repeated until everyone has run two lengths. Then straight back into 10 squats. Complete 3 sets in this manner until thighs and gluteals are well done.


Lightly dust your palm with chalk and select your kettlebell. Perform the following

Kettlebell snatch 1:30 per arm x 2 rounds (6 minutes total)

Rest x 1 minute

Bring back to the boil and complete another set. Giving you a total of 12 minutes of Kettlebell snatches. lavishly cover in sweat to your taste.

And there you have it folks!! 45 minute Kettlebell blast. Try it out. Let us know what you think.

Kettlebell Breakfast Club takes place at Balance Physiotherapy London.

When? Wednesday Mornings 7:15am - 8am
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Ladies and Gents both welcome.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Rock Your Body Workout

After a recent post for the guys, I promised one for the ladies. Here it is, Zuzana of Rock your Body Tv demonstrating a challenging weight training workout for women. She has a great site with lots of training tips and ideas. The weight training workout below will have you lean and toned over time (but probably walking like John Wayne the day after). In short, its effective. Let us know what you think.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Women Should Strength Train

This one is for the ladies. I like this video because its simple. It's not trying to pitch a product or their own system of training, but she's talking from direct experience. The person in the video is not one of those picture perfect magazine cover models, but a regular woman, who had an injury and realised the benefits of strength training for herself. Check it out.

Road To Recovery

The last week has seen steady progress. Healing process is more or less done. Its now about improving fitness levels and correcting and protective bodily patterns that I have adopted. Finally back on the kettlebells this week. This was a humbling experience. I could just about manage a fraction of my previous work capacity. Patience. Patience.

Here's what I've been up to

Session one

Warm up: Joint Mobility and Dynamic Movement

Deadlifts 5 reps x 5 sets (75% 1RM)

Bench Press from bridge position on floor with 10 second isometric hold at the bottom range. 5 reps x 5 sets (65% 1RM)

Weighted Pull ups (24kg kettlebell) 5 reps x 5 sets

Tyre & Sledge Hammer 10 reps x 8 sets

Cool Down and Stretch

Session Two: Boxing (alternating South Paw and Orthodox stance each round)

Warm up: Joint Mobility & Skipping 3 minutes x 2 rounds (my rope broke!!)

Punch Bag - Technique and Endurance (All Shots)

3 minutes x 4 rounds: 1 minute rest

Punch Bag - Power (Hooks & Uppercuts)

1 minute x 4 rounds:40 seconds rest

Punch Bag - Speed taps (straight shots only)

30 seconds x 4 rounds:30 seconds rest

Cool Down: Body flow drills - 10 minutes

Session Three

Warm up: Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement

1a) Hand to hand swings 2 minutes x 1 round (24kg)

1b) Kettlebell Snatch (24kg): 1 minute x 2 rounds per arm (4 mins total.) Rest 1 minute then repeat

2a)Single Arm Jerk (24kg) 1:30 x 2 rounds per arm (6 minutes per arm). Rest 1 minute then repeat

2b)Windmill (24kg) 5 reps x 3 sets

3a) Tabata sprints with weighted vest (10kg) 20:10 x 8 rounds.

Cool down and stretch.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Trojan Kettlebell Competition, October 4th London

If you're into the balls of steel and want to rub shoulders with like minded Kettlebell enthusiasts (read: Lunatics) then there is one place you definitely want to be this weekend.

Bj Rule and Tommy Matthews are hosting this Open Kettlebell Competition at the Peacocks Boxing Gym in London. Its an open competition which means they don't care if you're AKC, IKFF, RKC or LMNOP qualified you can come down and swing the steel. Even if you'd prefer to watch this time in preparation for the next competition you are sincerely welcome. Either way it promises to be a cracking event. For more information you can go directly to the Trojan Lifting Club's website.