Sunday, 28 December 2008

Boxing Drills For Real Life Skills

This was sent to me by my friend Martin Snow over at Trinity Boxing in New York. Funny, but true!

Thanks Martin.

Friday, 26 December 2008

New Years Resolutions 2009

If, like many people you set new years resolutions which fail to live beyond the end of January, then this year try a different approach. Why not design a life that truly inspires you, next year in 2009 live a legacy.

In an article for Fit Pro magazine, Robert Cappuccio lays down the blue print for a powerful approach to living a legacy, according to him it starts with intention,
"Whatever you focus your attention on in your life magnifies. Whatever you direct your attention away from diminishes." For Cappuccio it is essential to attune your focus to exactly what you wish to accomplish. When setting goals he urges us to think idealistically (the what) rather than realistically (the how) - that will come later on in the process. He then requests that we write down 50 goals we would like to accomplish, and then allocate a 1 year, 5 year or 10 year time frame for each. This is an extremely powerful exercise in itself, you'll learn a lot about yourself, your vision and what motivates you (I tried it, I should know!).

Your goals then undergo a process of refinement, until tangible steps are laid down for your goals in order of priority. Robert Cappuccio highlights several factors imperative for success namely;


He goes on to say, "Our lives are the result of a decision. If you will resign yourself to never accept anything less from yourself than the highest limits of your personal potential, then not only do you exponentially raise the odds of you achieving what you desire to achieve, but also of becoming everything you have the potential to be." In 2009 regardless of the situation, take time to invest in you - your quality of life depends on it.

Robert Cappuccio is a contributor to

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Lennox Lewis gives Chris Eubank a Boxing Lesson

No matter how much you know, there is always someone who knows more. Know matter how good you are, there is always someone better. There is a lot to be said for humility.

This clip features one of my favorite boxers of all time, Lennox Lewis, and Chris Eubank, the arch enemy of Nigel Benn (one of my other favorite boxers). Fair play to Chris Eubank, the man who once dubbed himself, 'Simply the Best' is gracious enough to take on board what Lennox has to say, but realistically, would you tell Lennox Lewis where to go?!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Cancer to Become Leading Cause of Death World Wide by 2010

Cancer is projected to be the leading cause of death by 2010 according to a report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The comprehensive report was analysed at an event in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, called Conquering Cancer: A Global Effort.

Cases of cancer doubled globally between 1975 and 2000, apparently will double again by 2020, and will nearly triple by 2030 claims the report. There were an estimated 12 million new cancer diagnoses and more than 7 million deaths worldwide this year. The projected numbers for 2030 are 20 to 26 million new diagnoses and 13 to 17 million deaths.

"There is a clear message of hope: Although cancer is a devastating disease, it is largely preventable. We know that preventive measures, such as tobacco control, reduction in alcohol consumption, increased physical activity.... and screening and awareness, could have a great impact on reducing the global cancer burden," said Peter Boyle, PhD, DSc, director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in a statement entitled, Conquering Cancer: A Global Effort.

The report comes at a time when CJS Fitness has formed alliances with some of the UK's leading authorities on exercise and cancer recovery, such as Cancer Rehabilitation UK. In conjunction with the Lynden Tree Project, CJS Fitness aims is to establish the first ever exercise and cancer recovery program in London, due to be launched 0ctober 2009.

The full article by Nick Mulcahy, on the report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer can be found on Medscape.

Monday, 8 December 2008

First Impressions of a Kettlebell Convert

During the autumn this year CJS Fitness ran a competition through our newsletter to win a free slot on our Kettlebell Essentials Seminar. Vinko, a property consultant based in Brighton was the winner. Below Vinko (who sent this in last week) tells us about overcoming his fears and discovering the art of kettlebell lifting during the Kettlebell seminar, realising it is more than just a clump of iron, but a powerful tool. Thanks for sending this in Vinko.

"I first heard about Kettlebells well over a year and it has taken me about the same amount of time to finally commit to giving Kettlebells a try. Admittedly, I’m not much of a gym enthusiast so the idea of lifting heavy steel weights and putting them back down again didn’t sound too appealing! But after I had won the competition for a free slot and several phone calls back and forth, CJ finally convinced me to come on down and give it a go – that in itself was something of a feat.

My first impressions of Kettlebell training were far different from what I had expected. I was quite nervous as I approached the Kettlebell workshop; I thought I would be surrounded by body builders of overstuffed mattress proportions demonstrating excruciating tests of manliness! It didn’t take long to realise that I couldn’t be further from the truth.

The kettlebell seminar turned out to be very focused on technique and efficiency, and the weights just offered a sense of resistance. It felt quite awkward at first but as we worked through the day it all started to make more sense and I began to get more comfortable with the swings. CJ and the other trainers spent most of the time with us perfecting our kettlebell technique and by default things got easier.

Since the Kettlebell Essentials Seminar I’ve actually got myself in gear and have continued with training (miraculously!). I’ve found a group local to me called Brighton kettlebells where I can train with a group of other Kettlebell enthusiasts on a regular basis – and so far so good. This is possibly the first time in several years that I have been motivated to keep up with training; I think this is because I like the focus of working on form and technique, rather that focusing on upping the weights and flexing my pecs. It provides me with a challenge that I enjoy – you can feel yourself getting more efficient and more effective with practice.

What sets CJS Fitness apart is the meticulous attention paid to technique. The focus on detail is profound and you can really see the value in learning great technique and adding weight to it, rather than picking up a massively overweight kettlebell and trying to muscle it up.

A tremendously enjoyable and beneficial workshop – thanks to CJ and his dedicated team."

Vinko Sindelar
Property Consultant
www.Ready 2

Kettlebell Essential seminars run throughout the year. You can check out our 2009 timetable here.

Why not have a look on youtube to get a feel for our Kettlebell Essentials seminar.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Defy Gravity: A Giant Leap For The G-Trainer

On Monday 1st December there was an article in the Evening Standard about former England football star Keiron Dyer who had broken his leg in August 2007 and since then has remained more or less out of action. His story is a familiar one, progress in rehabilitation plagued with set backs after complications to the initial injury. Damaged confidence coupled with a decrease in fitness could have potentially been a recipe for disaster and the end of a promising career.

What distinguishes Dyer's story is that he has recently been training with the Alter G 'G-trainer'. Developed off the back of NASA technology, the G-trainer can reduce the impact of your body weight down to 20%. That's the equivalent of walking on the moon. This has allowed Dyer to increase his fitness to a level where previously the impact would have hindered any progression. Slowly body weight can be increased so that his body can adapt to the impact, not only getting him back to fitness but potentially enhancing his sporting performance.

Balance Performance Physiotherapy in London have recently acquired one, and I've been lucky enough to have a play around. I'm still getting my head around the potential for the G-trainer as a conditioning tool. The implications are quite staggering, from Triatheltes, Ultra-marathon runners, Football, Rugby to Basket Ball, there isn't a sport that couldn't benefit from it (ok, maybe Darts - but that's a whole new blog entry). Then there is the obvious benefits for rehabilitation, or people with medical conditions.

Its a brave investment for London's leading Sports Physiotherapy Clinic and one that should reap great rewards. I'll be using the Alter G's G-trainer as part of my training for the Paris Half Marathon in March 2009, so I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile check out the clip below to find out what exactly it is, and watch me defy gravity.