Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Kettlebells Workshop in London 2013

By Coach Cj Swaby

Kettlebells courses and Kettlebells seminars in London are as common as pigeons in Trafalgar Square.  The hard part is being able to figure out which Kettlebells Training providers are worth your time and money.

I'm sure you'd agree that getting quality Kettlebell Coaching is important if you want to learn how to train with Kettlebells effectively, and the key coaching points of each Kettlebells exercise.

CJS Kettlebells was established in 2004 and has delivered quality Kettlebell courses in London and through out the UK. They have featured in  magazines such asMen's Fitness, Fighters Only,  and Women's Fitness  among others.

On January 27th in Crossfit Performance 360 in London, Coach Cj Swaby will be running his last ever Kettlebells workshop in London. He will be covering the Kettlebells Odd Lifts in great detail. The Kettlebells workshop is suitable for those with some Kettlebell experience who can perform the basic lifts with confidence.

Kettlebells Odd Lifts are  a fun and  great way to build functional strength,  and drastically improve your cardiovascular fitness, There is  even a special early bird price for those booking  the Kettlebells Odd Lift Workshop before 15th January. Do you want to know exactly  the content  of Kettlebells workshop? Go to

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Real Reason I Train

By Coach Cj Swaby

I made a post on facebook earlier in the week, and was surprised by the passionate response it generated.

Below is the unaltered post from facebook. It seems that we all have our reasons for training. Aside from the obvious, mine are quite specific, can you relate?

"A lot of people meditate by sitting with their legs crossed, spine straight, eyes closed.

Me? I train.

Why? Each time it provides me with the opportunity to overcome aspects of myself that I need to learn and grow from, and reinforce others.  

To master my mind, to master my body and infuse them with my spirit.


In alignment.

Each time I train I learn that little bit more.

I do not train to attain enlightenment. I train to shatter illusions and elevate my consciousness (and its damn fun!)

Why do you train?"