Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Full Throttle Fitness W.O.W # 12

Crucifiction and rebirth. That was the theme for this easters Full Throttle Fitness Class Easter special. It's never our intention to offend on religious grounds, but sometimes these things happen. Those who received the pre-class VIP texts that were offended, we hear what you are saying and value your opinion. Appreciated.

Now lets get down to some training. Those who suirvived, go a T-shirt as a testimony to their survival and good effort. Gwaan! Cj Swaby eased everyone into cocktail of Mixed Circuit Training (MCT) that got everyone suitably softened up for classic Coach Skala Kettlebell brutality.

Full Throttle Fitness Workout Of The Week - W.O.W # 13

Warm up: Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement/ Wrestling Partner Drills

Section one: Cj Swaby

MCT Protocol - Work: Rest Ratio was 45 seconds work : 15 seconds rest/ change over
6 exercises x 3 rounds.

Exercise Menu

1)Hammer 10 to 2 swing (see video for demonstration)
2)Sand bag squat with tornado
3)Swiss ball jack knife into pike hold
4)Parkour style box jumps with rotation
5)Double Handed Heavy Kettlebell Swings
6)Heavy Single Arm Kettlebell Jerks

With 2 minute respite to contemplate our immediate future we then went head on into....

Section Two: Coach Sabina Skala

Double Kettlebell Complex
Protocol: 6 reps per exercise x 5 sets with NO DESIGNATED REST (I know, I know)

Exercise Menu

1) Swings
2)Renegade Row (thats 6 reps per side, not total)
3)Front Squat in rack position
4)Push press
5)Front Squat in rack position
6)Press ups off the kettlebells

After this one our lifeless bodies littered the floor of balance physiotherapy, until Cj told everyone there were free T-shirts going (after we cooled down with the wrestling "tag" partner drill). Reanimated, we trotted over to Cafe Seconda to complete our ressurection with a post training meal of fish, salad and prawnies (which was an adventure in itself - but you had to be there!)

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