Friday, 16 April 2010

Fighting Fit : Health & Fitness Magazine Feature

CJS Fitness has hooked up with a Lucy from Health & Fitness Magazine. She is a typical gym bunny. Loves her training, works ups a sweat 4- 6 days a week. She even runs the odd marathon. She is fit. But something is lacking in her training and Lucy wants to take it to the next level, while trying something new and exciting at the same time. That's where CJS Fitness comes in.

Cj Swaby will be challenging Lucy over the next six weeks. She wants to learn a new skill at the same time, so boxing is perfect for that. Cj will put Lucy through her paces and have her throwing silky smooth punches like she was Sugar Ray Leanord, but she will have to show the grit and determination of Marvin Hagler to get through the conditioning sessions if Lucy is to achieve her goal.

Cj and Lucy will be training at a fantastic new personal training studio and gym called NKD Ambition in the heart of central London. Head Trainer and Manager, Alexis, has kindly allowed them to use the space. Their company ethos of 360 degree training is in alignment with what CJS Fitness stands for, and Cj is itching to play around on the punch bags, Kettlebells and Olympic weightlifitng platforms.

Each training session will be blogged by Cj Swaby, plus Lucy will be sharing her experience on the Health & Fitness website. Exciting stuff. LETS GET REEADDY TO RUUUUUMMMMBBLLEEE!! ... ahem.

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