Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sabina's training blog - Easter training (23rd - 25th April)

Sabina's Training Blog - Easter time (23rd - 25th April)

Saturday the 23rd April

Some people learn hard way - unfortunately I am one of them. After Friday's session the obvious choice for Saturdays training was - recovery. However, I still decided to participate in our Saturdays group session (Full Throttle). It was CJ's time to lead the session and he included a lot of push ups, static holds, swings, grip work, rowing, etc. Basically - everything that I should not have done after Friday. Not only I wasn't able to keep up with the guys, I also managed to hurt my elbow (which I so carefully avoided on Friday changing push ups to pull ups).

So the lesson has been learned, my tendonitis is back, which means acupuncture and no pushing movements for at least 2 weeks.

Anyway - Saturdays training will be blogged as Full Throttle WOW.

Sunday 24th April - RECOVERY AND CHEAT DAY :)
Early morning run 40 mins (approx) on empty stomach

Monday 25th April (Power/endurance)

Early morning run on empty stomach 30 mins

Evening (7pm)

12x hill sprints

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