Thursday, 6 August 2009

CJS Fitness: Full Throttle Fitness Workout of the Week

CJS Fitness Full Throttle Fitness Workout Of The Week

We decided to run an impromptu session outdoor as we had such beautiful weather for it. Full Throttle Fitness is taking a sabbatical over the summer, and will return improved and far more fierce! Taking place in the surreal back drop of Clapham Common, South West London (think British Military fitness, and random drunks scurrying across the green), we dragged some kit from Balance Physiotherapy and cracked on with a session that left most of the participants cursing Cj up to the end of the week.

In The Tool Bag

Tornado Ball
Gym Boss

Here's what we got up to

Warm Up: Joint mobility and dynamic movement (10 minutes)

Circuit A

1) Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch
2) Burpees into tuck jump and rotate to land on opposite line of cones
3) Tornado ball
5) Traveling press ups between two markers

45 seconds per station 15 seconds to change/ rest
x 2 rounds = 1 set

Rest x 1 minute

Complete 2 sets

Circuit B

Modified Tabatta Protocol 20 seconds work/ 10 Seconds rest
Complete 4 rounds per exercise.
8 rounds = 1 block.

Complete 3 blocks

Rest 1 minute between block.

Split into group A and group B.

Group A does had sprints between cones (approx 15 meters)

Group B does hand to hand swing (rest in the rack posotion)

switch around after 4 rounds.

Circuit C

Mark out cones about 15 meters apart.

1 minute exercise x 1 round

Work in pairs

1) sprint between cones and drop to floor and get up to sprint back. Partner then does the same.

2)Bear Crawl length and back the partner goes.

3) Wheel barrow the length and change when you reach the cones.

4) Frog hops with hands behind head to the gone and back to start. Then partner goes.

Cool down stretch out. Job done!

Seeing as it was James Bowers birthday, we thought we would celebrate with some high performance post work out nutrition at Fantasia in Clapham Old Town. Full English Breakfast anyone?..ahem.

Full Throttle Fitness will return in the winter.

Happy Birthday James!

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