Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Get Hench...... Or Die Trying!

Hench - Adj . large muscular stature. Awesome physique. A colloquialism currently used in England, originating in the mid 1990's.

Or to put it in layman's terms, its slang. Out and about in London town traveling between clients today, I saw a young man chasing a bus wearing a T-shirt saying, "Get Hench.....or Die Trying." I chuckled to myself, amused at the take on Gangsta Rapper, 50 Cent's slogan, "Get Rich or Die Trying."

When I returned to the office I googled it. Turns out its a bit of a movement. Started by controversial character Olu Johson, who featured on the BBC Three Program, Blood Sweat and Takeaways, Get Hench or Die Trying has been kicking up a storm. It seems they are in close quarters with G.W.A (Gym With Attitude), a kind of underground backlash against the current commercial fitness industry. Its definitely not for everybody, and they make no apologies for it.

Whether you digg them or are disgusted by them, its an interesting concept which will apparently capture the psyche of a disgruntled wave of people. Get Hench or Die Trying? There are probably a few incidents where people have almost died trying to get hench - but that's another blog entry.

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