Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sabina - training blog Fri 29th April - Sun 1st May + Leoni Munslow - Sundays Strength session

Training - Sabina

Friday - recovery day

Easy jog in the morning on empty approx 30 mins

then evening - dance practice

Saturday - (power/endurance work)

Full Throttle (check out the Full Throttle WOW for my Saturday's training session)


Morning on empty - 10 x hill sprints

then afternoon

1hr dance practice

Leoni Munslow - Strength (Sunday session)

Leoni sported some serious KICK ASS Scrambles today (see pics).

Warm up

3 rounds of

5x wall squat

5x knee jump


build up to heavy DL (80% 1RM)

5 x 3 @ 80% 80kg


5 rounds of

10 x double KB swings (@2x12kg) outside the knees

10 x box jump @ 24" box


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