Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sabina training blog Monday the 9th, Tuesday the 10th

So, there was a week break in my blog entries. I am ashamed to admit it, but due to my lack of training discipline I am too embarassed to post last weeks training. When I mean discipline, I do not mean missing training sessions, quite the opposite. I am a serial overtrainer and I went off the rails. No day off, 3 sessions a day on several occasions, basically nothing to be proud of. It showed in numbers and in the fact that on Saturday evening I was in a deep sleep by 7pm, which is quite sad. To make things clear - it takes more than 1 week to get your body into state of so called overtraining. However, doing silly and random training like I did simply runs the body down and doesn't produce any positive results. It just accumulates junk intensity workouts and it becomes simply exercising not training.

More doesnt exactly mean better. Sometimes it takes more discipline to take a day off training or recovery day than to train. Once you are clear what your objective is, you need to cut all the junk and stick to what produces results. If you take a recovery day and schedule i.e a light jog, stick to it, jog - do not run. Gym Jones sells a cool T-shirt with an inscription "Work + Rest = Training, Don't Do The Work If You Don't Have The Balls To Rest". I remember when I first met Mark Twight and I remember what he wrote in the book he gave me. "It is easy to be hard, but it is hard to be smart". Just like he knew ... ;)

Anyway, next 4 week period - stress on strength. I want to improve my DL, OHS and TGU's. Also working on pull ups and training to be able to muscle up. My pushing is limited due to elbow injury, I need to take a few weeks break from any pressing and let it rest.

Here is the training done yesterday and today (all smart now) :

Monday the 9th (Interval (E) / Strength)

Morning on empty stomach:

10x 250m row
1 min rest inbetween
Target sub 58sec pace

56.8 @ 30
57.3 @ 28
56.6 @ 31
57.4 @ 28
56.4 @ 28
57.2 @ 28
55.7 @ 30
56.0 @ 31
55.8 @ 32
55.5 @ 31

New target and no failed intervals, next week the target is under 57 sec.
Then 10 mins bike to cool down


Deadlift up to 90 kg
Then 5x3 @ 90kg
Pull ups 3x (5-1) ladder

Tuesday the 10th of May

Morning on empty
45 min recovery run (easy)
Stretches and foam roller.

Done and no more training today

Sabina Skala

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