Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Martin Rooney, BAMMA & training log 24th May

By Sabina Skala

Last week was busy, hence no blog entries from me. I was fortunate to spend the last 6 days with one of the best S&C Coaches in the world - Martin Rooney, meet and dine with the legend - Roger Gracie and train together with top guys from all over the UK - my dear buddy and the best coach in Brighton - Christian Vila, Tom Robertson from Factory Gyms, Jack Lovett from Spartan Performance, Val Rawat, just to name a few.

Martin Rooney

Martin proved not only to be a great coach, but also amazing presenter. I feel very fortunate to be able to learn from him.

Another very important event was BAMMA. Scott Jansen, who is a part of Fighters Development Programme and trains with me, fought on that night and it was amazing. He will dominate welterweight in this country. Scott controlled the whole fight, looked strong and confident, he won in the 2nd round by TKO. I know how good he is and how great he can be, he is a very inteligent athlete and always gives it his best during training sessions. Our Sports Psychologist Eamon Madden, who also works with Scott did a great job. Scott is focused, confident, strong, powerful with a great power endurance ability - definitely a very dangerous fighter. He is a proof that there is no shortcuts, it is hard work that works, and that man works HARD.

Scott Jansen deadlifting

Coming back to the training log, here are todays sessions:

Morning - 40 mins light run with Ash, then working on pull ups.

4 x5 pull ups (slow no kipping)

then 3 sets of static holds
Goal - complete 20 sec in upper pull up position (chin above the bar) + 20 sec in the lover position (elbows bent at 90 degrees)

Rest 1 min inbetween sets
Set 1. 20/20
Set 2. 20/20
Set 3. 20/16

Afternoon - recovery procedure - sports massage

The plan for this evening is hill sprints 10 x

Tomorrow is all about strength. :D


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