Monday, 2 May 2011

Full Throttle Fitness WOW #12

Saturdays training session:

5 rounds of 20sec work/10 sec rest

Rest 90 sec in-between rounds

Pick a light weight - I have used 2x12kg KB's (perform as many reps during 20 sec as possible, if you cant complete minimum of 10 reps it means that either the weigth is too heavy or you are too weak)

2xKB Clean
2xKB Jerk (or push press)
2xKB Front Squat
Bear crawl (forward and backwards)

Then 4 mins rest

then Front Squat ladder 10 -1 (55 reps in total)
10 sec L-sit inbetween sets

Looks like: 10 x front squat 10 sec L-sit, 9x Front Squat 10 sec L-sit, 8x Front Squat 10 sec L- Sit, etc

4 rounds of:
Lunges (forward & backwards - approx 6x each way) hold 2x KB in the rack position
30 sec wall sit.

Last round - wall sit for as long as Kat Helcmanovska holds it (she did it with 12kg KB)

Cool down and stretch


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