Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sabina - training blog Wednesday 11th of May

Today was a very hard day. I have been very busy, so busy it was difficult to find time to train. Usually I book my training session times in advance and they are not to be re-scheduled, however today I made a mistake and double booked myself with clients, twice. "I have no time to train" - how often do you hear that from your clients and even your athletes.

I would rephrase it - rather than saying "I had no time" I would say "I didn't care enough to make time to train". As I do care, I still made time to do whatever I had planned for today. I had to split the session into 2 separate (shorter) ones, but in this case it didn't really make that much difference.

Morning on empty stomach;

Build up to heavy OHS 95% of 1RM

then 5x2 @ 47.5kg (95% 1RM)

10 mins easy cardio (row)

Aternoon session:

TGU with a BB (together with Paul)

The plan was to do 5x2 @ 27.5 kg, however my left shoulder still cannot handle this weight. After 1st set I had to drop the weight to 22,5 kg.

After a warm up


1x 1 (per arm) @ 27.5kg

4x2 (per arm) @ 22.5 kg


5x1 (per arm) @ 27.5 kg

Sabina Skala

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