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Colette Morrow V CJS Fitness

Coach Cj Swaby

It was the 26th September; a grey, wet Autumn Day. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times it....ok ok I was just playing. I strode purposefully, with ticket in hand to the Tabacco Docks in London for the International London Tattoo Convention.

I'm a BIG fan of tattoos, I've been getting inked since fifteen years of age and have about three quarters body coverage. As far as Tattoo conventions go, it was pretty good, but pretty run of the mill. I made my way down to the ground floor and was dumb founded by what I saw.

Colette Morrow on the silks. Impressive stuff. The dynamic and static strength endurance required, coupled with flexibility, grace and a good head for heights I can appreciate the 10, 000 + hours that she had put in to get to such a good level.

Recently I managed to catch up with Colette Morrow, she took some time out from her hectic schedule as she is currently performing in Love Never Dies in the west end. Colette told me a bit about her training, plus recovery strategies she utilises for her demanding training, and performing schedule.

Colette Morrow V CJS Fitness

Cj: Hi Colette, thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to do this interview. For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about your training back ground and what you’re involved in?

Colette: I'm a versatile performer, aerailist, acrobat, dancer and actress.

Cj: I First saw you perform at the London International Tattoo Convention on the Silks. So do you have any tattoos?

Colette: Bizare but no I do not have any tattoo's...think I must have been the only person there without any hehe!

Cj: Was the silk routine specifically prepared or do you have a set ‘menu’ of routines?

Colette: For the tattoo convention performance I was given the music track a few days before and did my best to choreograph a routine I thought appropriate.

Cj: So how long did it take you to get to that high standard of silks?

Colette: I have been doing dance and gymnastics since the age of 4, then at 18 I did one year intense circus training, and have been working on the silks for 10 years since. But training and perfecting is ongoing.

Cj: What did the training involve?

Colette: A lot of overall body conditioning including: sit up's, press ups, leg lifts, chin ups, exercises on a pilates ball for core stability. Also conditioning on the aerial equiptment to build the upper body strength...such as rope climbs, holding on with right and left hand only. Then dance classes (mainly African and contemporary) for cardiovascular and co-ordination. Followed by extreme stretching and flexibility....splits, back bends, shoulders and neck. Training was intense, yet satisfying when i started to feel and see an improvement to my body and skills.

Cj: I know that you are former gymnast, as well as a Street Dancer among other things – which must be physically demanding. What type of physical conditioning do you do to supplement your performance activities?

Colette: At the moment I go to the gym a few times a week (my workout consists of 20mins on the running machine, followed by free weights and exercises) I specifically train silks at The Circus Space, Old St. I take dance classes (hip-hop and jazz) when time permitting. I always do a daily 45min stretch session.

Cj: So what does your typical training week look like when you’re performing, and when you are off?

Colette: I am currently performing in Love Never Dies Musical in the West End 8 shows a week, and other various gigs I can fit in along side this. I push my body physically 6 days a week, then have a full day off on Sundays to relax and recover.

Cj: What kind of injuries are typical of your training and what do you do to you manage recovery?

Colette: The neck back and arms are most vulnerable. I get a sports massage once a month to help reduce muscle knots.

Cj: What was the worst injury that you’ve sustained while training and how did that affect you?

Colette: Luckily I have not had any serious injuries, just small muscle strains, pains, aches etc.

Cj: As a physical performer I can imagine it’s important to avoid burning out from doing too much physically and mentally. What type of strategies do you have in place to promote your regeneration and recovery so that you are always on point?

Colette: A good balance between work and play, together with 8 hours sleep per night and a healthy diet. Sometimes I do yoga to focus the body and mind.

Cj: Which one of your disciplines best expresses you as a performer, and why?

Colette: aerial hoop and silks - as I can combine elegance, sensuality, flexibility and strength with a edgy dangerous element!

Cj: What’s the most scariest thing about doing what you do?
Colette: working in the air has a big danger factor, the higher the scarier!

Cj; What’s the most rewarding thing about doing what you do?

feeling the buzz and natural high after performing. Also seeing people/audience enjoy my entertainment.

Cj: Your most memorable moment while performing?

Colette: It would have to be the Take That Tour in 2006....what an amazing experience and so much fun.

Cj: Are there any other disciplines you’re thinking of taking up?

Colette: I want to improve my acting skills.

Any goals for 2011?

Colette: To be honest I am not sure yet, any ideas anyone!?!

Cj: Colette, once again great stuff at the London Tattoo Convention, and looking forward to seeing your career sky rocket further.

Colette: big pleasure, thankyou Cj.

Colette Morrow Doing Her Thing

Pop by and say Hi to Colette Morrow at her website, or check her out in Andrew Lloyd Webbers, Love Never Dies.


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