Sunday, 3 October 2010

WHY I Will Be Giving Blood This Week For The ACLT

WHY I’ll Be Giving Blood This Week For the ACLT

Coach Cj Swaby

Donating blood is a very personal affair. I mean you’re giving something OF yourself. Someone you’ve just met penetrates you with a needle, draws your blood. Smiles. Tells you it’s for a noble cause. Patches you up, pats you on your back and sends you on your merry way. Nice.

How many of you propositioned your first date (within the first 5 minutes of meeting them)and ended up in a passionate all night romp at the nearest Holiday Inn? Not many right? You might be asking where am I going with this? Stay with me now.

As I Said before giving blood is a very personal affair. When a well meaning Johnny random approaches you on the street with a smile and a clip board, then introduces themselves along the lines of “ Hi, I’m Johnny Random, can I have a minute of your time? And a pint of your blood to save a life...oh and sorry, what’s your name?” You may be forgiven for kissing your teeth and walking swiftly on (while cursing under your breath).

Think back to the Holiday Inn analogy and to that crucial moment AFTER your passionate fling, when they turn to you, look deep into your eyes and ask awkwardly, “sorry, so er... what was your name?”. Well it’s a bit like that. But stay in the conversation. Who knows, that night at the Holiday Inn could be the greatest thing you’ve ever done, but you might want to coach Johnny Random on their social etiquette at the beginning. Communication is key. It’s a two way process.

So why am I giving blood? Is it a noble thing to do? Yes. But that’s not my reason for doing it. I’m doing it for purely selfish reasons. I lost my brother from complications caused by treatment to cancer. It changes your perspective on life a LOT when you watch someone you love deteriorate over three years, and drastically in the last year. Cardiac arrest at least every six weeks was common for my brother in the final year. My brother is Lynden David Hall.

In 2009 my father was successfully treated for cancer (much to our relief) and he now enjoys a happy and full life. Several friends have been diagnosed with one form of cancer or another in the past 5 years.

Now with increase in cancer incidence, chances are someone I know or SOMENONE dear to YOU, will be diagnosed with cancer. Watching someone you love DIE is no joke, because that’s what we’re talking about here. LIFE or DEATH. If you don’t believe me just ask Beverly De-Gale . If by donating blood I can improve the chances of survival for someone I LOVE or PREVENT someone else and their family going through the same traumatic experience that hit my family, then my time on this planet would have been well spent, and adds value to my existence (I have the right to feel quite smug and will enjoy doing so).

On an even more selfish note, if by donating blood I help to sustain someone elses life it somehow enables me to make sense of my brothers loss of life, and serves towards the healing process. I’m sure Beverly and Orin would agree. It’s doubtful whether I would be so active about cancer issues if I had not been directly affected by it, it’s also questionable that without the affect of cancer on Daniel De-Gale's life, whether Beverly and Orin would have even established the ACLT.

Don’t wait until someone YOU LOVE or know DIES before you make that step to donate. It will be FAR too late. You could BE that difference. BE SELFISH. Do something amazing this week. PUT DOWN THE EXCUSES AND PICK UP A PURPOSE! - donate some blood. And we promise, we’ll ask your name first!

I will be donating on Thursday 7th October – Come by and say hi!


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Cj...If I hadn't of had someones blood given to me 6 years ago I wouldn't be training with you now! You are the best guy I know & everyone who's lives you touch should consider themselves fortunate...x

Coach Cj Swaby said...

Thank you for your kind words people, we're just doing what we can and hopefully make a positive impact in the shjort time we're here.

Stay blessed people!