Sunday, 24 October 2010

Full Throttle Fitness WOW# 34

This time it was Coach Cj Sway at the helm, while Coach Sabina Skala was assisting Mark Twight and Rob MacDonald on the First UK Gym Jones First Degree Instructor Certification.
Even though he is preparing for the 2011 Strength & Power meet, Coach Cj jumped in the session and mixed it up with the rest of the class. Here's how it went down.

Full Throttle Fitness WOW#34
Warm up: Joint Mobility/ Dynamic Movement

Main Session:
Part A
Training Protocol: Main Session MCT (Mixed Circuit Training)

45 seconds works: 15 seconds rest/ change over
3 exercises
x 3 rounds

Exercise Menu

1) Rower: level 7 (flat out)
2) Marine kit bag Bear Hug and walk (40kg)
3 Double Kettlebell Jerk

We rested for 3 minutes then went into..

Part B

Modified Tabata 20:10

Sprints x 4 rounds
Bear Crawls x 4 rounds

Rest 3 minutes

Single arm Kettlebell Snatch x 6 minutes (alternating arm every minute).

Toasted we cooled down and started our regeneration and recovery using the Grid and trigger point therapy kit. If you don't know what they are, check out this invaluable bit of kit here.

Next week it will be Coach Cj rolling solo AGAIN as Coach Skala is of to Poland for a moments repsite!

Full Throttle Fitness
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