Sunday, 3 October 2010

Training Day: Gym Jones FDI 2010 Prep

Coach Cj Swaby

Training Day was a simple concept evolved from the minds of CJS Fitness. Executed in conjunction with some of the UKs leading Coaches. Four workshops. Four topics. Four Coaches. One purpose. One location. One day.

Topics Covered were

Squat Therapy : Master Your Movement For Freakish Strength
Coach Sabina Skala

Calistenics: Utilising Your Bodyweight For Peak Performance
Andy 'Iron Mac' McKenzie

Kettlebell Clinic: Clean & Jerk - Sustaining Your Work Capacity
Cj Swaby

Deadlift As Functional Movement
Chet Morjaria

Our aim was to bring together UK based coaches to deliver informative and practical workshops aimed at other forward thinking coaches, and elite fitness enthusiasts. Covering a braod but linked range of topics that would give the participants practical skills to accelerate their own training or people they train.

This Training Day was Gym Jones FDI focused, ahead of the certification in October 2010. Check out the clip below to get a feel for what we got up to.

Training Day: Gym JOnes FDI Prep 2010

My section focused on Double Kettlebell Clean & jerk. Looking at the finer points of technique that will enable you to sustain your work capacity. Patcipants had used different 'styles' of kettlebell lifting but were open to Coaching. Teaching the Clean & Jerk in an hour is a tall order and one that stretched me as a Coach, given the constraints every one did acceptionally well.

Andy Mckenzie, winner of the Strength & Power Meet 2010 told me what his intentions for the Bodyweight workshops were,

"My aim for the bodyweight-conditioning element of the workshop was to look at 3 key areas’; simple mobility drills that work and are equally easy to remember without it becoming a ‘floor dance routine’. In turn maintaining the emphasis on joint mobility when employing partners in body weight exercises." He went on to say,

"The second area was looking at static strength as part of the training process and also creating whole body tension when carrying out any bodyweight movement. 60 seconds of press ups with ‘Power’, ‘Static Hold’ and ‘Rep it out’ will challenge anyone" Just have a look at the video if you believe bodyweight training is not demanding.

Training Day will be Touring the UK in 2011. Each Training Day will have a different emphasis and consist of difdferent talented UK based Coaches - but some Coaches will be standard features. We will keep you updated about developments.

In the words of Iron Mac McKenszie,

"I enjoyed meeting and learning with different coaches with equally varied interests and backgrounds. The format of the workshop is a great way to gain experience in 4 disciplines with the right amount of information to take away and actually use."
True Andy. True.

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