Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Full Throttle Fitness Workout of the Week WOW #35

Last Saturday's session surprised me greatly. It was supposed to be a decent power endurance session, demanding on the day, but everyone should have been ready to train on Monday (providing Sunday was a recovery day). Sunday felt good and I had a strength session scheduled for Monday. And... the Saturday's training caught up on me, Mondays training had to be changed to recovery airdyne ride. I spoke to Ash, she had the same experience. The session really kicked in 2 days later.

So here is what we did:

Warm up - joint mobility

Continue the warm up with 3 rounds of 20x hand to hand swing, 10 x snatch (per hand)

Then - training:

6 rounds of (men used 2x16kg KB, girls 2x 12kg KB)

10 x clean and jerk (use 2 KB's)
10 x renegade row (double count)
5 x push up (on KB's)
5 x double swing
5 x push up
5 x double swing
10 sec L-sit
10 x MacKenzie's burpees (Thank you Iron Mac!)

Rest 1 min every 2 rounds

rest 3 mins

4x 30/30 frog hop
Rest 1 min

4x 30/30 split jump

3 mins plank hold

Cool down

Designing the session I have to admit I didnt really think much of it. However to my surprise, it was much tougher than I expected. This is why I love training so much, after all the years, you still cannot be sure about the outcome.

Have a go and enjoy the feeling 2 days after :D


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