Monday, 29 November 2010

McKenzie Fit V CJS Fitness

McKenzie Fit V CJS Fitness

Mayhem At Thames Cross Fit

When Andy "Iron Mac" McKenzie told us he was coming to London and wanted to play, we couldn't miss this great opportunity, so I called up Jay over at Thames Cross Fit to see if he was up for getting in on the action.

Thames Cross Fit is a little gem hidden near West India Quay and Canary Wharf. Its a nice space with all the toys needed to forge elite fitness. The coaches Jay, Jane and Jami are welcoming progressive coaches. Luckily for us Jay said yes, so on Friday 25th November at 7pm, we held the now infamous McKenzie Fit V CJS Fitness "The Lock In Session". The format? One hour, three coaches, twenty minutes each. Here's how it went down.

Section One: Coach Cj Swaby

Warm Up: Joint Mobiliy & Dynamic Movement

Mixed Circuit Training (MCT)

45 seconds work: 15 seconds change over x 5 stations. Complete 3 rounds of the circuit.

Exercise Menu

1) Bear Crawls (back and forth)
2) Dead Hang from bar
3) Kettlebell clean & Press (change hand every 3 reps)
4) Depth Jumps into precision land
5) Burpees

With everyone now thoroughly warmed up, Iron Mac arrived on cue to deliver a tasty bodyweight bedlam!

Section 2: Andy "Iron Man" McKenzie

Partner Bodyweight Drills 1:1 ratio for work/rest

Power/Speed Jumps- Partner A sits on floor arms straight level with shoulder and legs slightly apart. Partner B 'power' jumps over the first arm then x2 'speed' jumps over each leg and then one more 'power' jump over the other arm. This is 1 repetition- Carry out x4 reps then change over and each person repeats for 4 sets (partner on floor maintains good posture throughout).

120 seconds Rest

Bridge/Crawls- Partner A holds high arch bridge with only fingertips and feet in contact with floor. Partner B 'Power' Jumps over A and then crawls under partner- small movements only hands and feet in contact with floor. When clear they carry out a burpee jump back over and repeat then change- this is continuous for 4 minutes.

120 seconds Rest

Hang Tough/MacPress Up (MPU) and Jump Squat (JS)- Partner A Carries out x10 JS, x8 MPU, x6 JS, x4 MPU and x2 JS. Partner B Hangs on bar and each time partner changes exercise he/she has to carry out a controlled hanging leg raise (toes touching bar). Each person carries out 3 rounds each. If at anytime the person drops from the hang, the reps start back at x10......
Finished off with rope climbing skills- the right way!

Section 3: Coach Skala

Tag team - working in pairs

Partner A 1: 250M ROW
Partner A2: Overhead Kettlebell hold x 2 HOLD UNTIL A1 FINISHES THEN SWAP & REPEAT

Other pairs keep working until A1 and A2 have finished

Pair B:

Partner B1 - burpee to pull up
Partner B2 - plank

Pair C

Partner C1 - squat jumps
Partner C2 - wall sit

Partner D

Partner D1 - Medicine Ball Chest pass to wall & Catch
Partner D2 - plank

Partner E
Both Partners - macpees (Burpee with an overhead clap when in the bottom position)

Job done, we congratulated each other on a session of blood sweat and tears and much fun. Cross Fit Thames is a fantastic space and if you are in the Canary Wharf area you need to check this space out. Got it? Good. Once again a BIG Thank you to Jay and the crew at Thames Cross Fit. We're looking forward to the next "Lock In Session" coming to a venue near you - we'll keep you posted.

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