Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Full Throttle Fitness WOW 25

Gavin and Mariusz having fun

I wonder if there is anything we can surprise the guys with? I was sure last Saturday's workout would claim a few victims, yet nobody gave up.
I am grateful to train a group that is so dedicated and has no fear to "push the curtain". Good work everyone.

Warm Up
Joint mobility


3 stations (each consists of 2 exercises)

Station 1
1 min KB clean to press to push up
30 sec plank
Repeat 3 times move to station 2

Station 2
1 min bear crawl
30 sec KB alternate row (standing)
Repeat 3 times

Station 3
1 min flying burpees
30 sec squat hold (thighs parallel to the floor)

Rest 2 mins

Repeat all of the above. This time repeat each station 2x

Rest 1 min

Repeat all of the above, each station once only

cool down and stretch.

All done!

We have added one more class to our schedule. Mondays at 7.30 pm (Earlsfield Boxing Club) we have a sister class to Full Throttle. This class is designed for all who are less advanced than our Sunday group and would like to bring their fitness levels up to the standards allowing them to join Full Throttle.

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