Saturday, 17 July 2010

CJS Fitness V Parkour Generations : 100 Reps Challenge

CJS Fitness first hooked up with Parkour Generations in 2009, at an event for Lambeth Council in Kennington Park. We met Brian and the crew and hit it off immediately, with our love for training and similar concepts.

A year later, 100 reps is born and who better to involve in spreading the word of the project than the people who challenge you to 'Master Your Movement'? It seemed a naturaly pairing. CJS Fitness has been working Parkour Generations to get the word out to Schools in South London. We're currently in the process of getting Parkour and 100 reps chellenge into Ernest Bevin School, Tooting, London. From there the plan is to spread it through out South London, then the whole of London. Getting people to integrate activity into their daily lives whatever they chose to do.

We met up with Brian of Parkour Generations at his 'Off The Wall' Jam in Archway, London a few weeks back. This happens the last sunday of every month at a designated location. Its open to all levels, from people who have never done Parkour to advanced practioners and its great fun. Everyone works at their own pace and is encouraged by the group support and you get to meet an awesome bunch of people of ALL ages. When we went I think the youngest was early teens, ranging to late thirties to early forties (and everyone got stuck in).

Check out CJS Fitness V Parkour Generations to see what its all about.

Whens the next one?

Off The Wall Jam
Sunday 25th July,
Vauxhall, London
12:45pm - 4pm, admission is FREE.

For further details go to Parkour Generations

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