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100 Reps Challenge: The Blue Print

There has been a bit of a storm brewing in the virtual realm, which has carried over with zest to the physical world. Known as the 100 rep challenge, this simple concept has captured the minds of people and is growing at a steady pace. Rannoch Donald's concept is brilliant in its simplicity. Yet some how, people seem to struggle to grasp what its really about.

I asked Rannoch, to break it down so that there could be no misunderstanding about the intention of the 100 reps challenge. As always the man was on point.

100 Reps Challenge: The Blue Print

Welcome to a simple, effective strategy designed to get you healthier, Fitter, happier, more confident and relaxed...1 rep at a time.

"Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily." - Johann Schiller

The One Hundred Rep Challenge is……..

• A simple practice designed to establish an re-enforce positive, enduring habits

• Suitable for everyone, young & old, active & sedentary, everyone can benefit by using 100 reps to work on the areas of their mental & physical wellbeing that require attention. We approach everything as scalable” – rather than one size fits all, the 100 Rep Challenge helps participants find the best route for themselves

• The Challenge is a personal one, about accountability and the value of consistent effort. It can work as an individual or group effort but the focus remains a personal one. The Challenge can be used by teachers, coaches, trainers, athletes, families and groups of any kind who require a starting point for a simple daily practice.

• Almost any physical activity can be adapted to the Challenge. 100 is simply a number, a starting point, a catalyst. The drills themselves can be about anything that promotes a sense of ownership regarding our health and wellbeing. Mindfulness breathing, stretching and mobility, strength training, rehabilitation –- all of these modalities have their place.

Some time ago it became obvious to some of us that we were sending people on a journey without a map. They knew where they wanted to go, …they just didn’t have a compass. Anyone can learn the basics of getting fit, eating sensibly, taking better care of themselves but without a regular daily practice to re-enforce these habits it is HARD. Why is it bad habits are so difficult to break when good habits are so easy to give up?!

We all need simple rituals, a practice in our lives, that amidst the chaos allows us a little time to breath, move, take charge, focus and relax. The studies on the benefits of regular physical activity are numerous. Mentally, physically, emotionally, we can all benefit from a little movement and perhaps a little stillness. And once a regular practice takes hold the bigger challenges we face suddenly don’t seem quite so intimidating.

The 100 Rep Challenge is a personal one. There is no finish line, no medals and no one wins except you. By all means we can challenge each other, to get better, to push ourselves a little, to make an effort. But ultimately this challenge is yours and yours alone. It is as much mental as it is physical. You are taking charge, you are taking control.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single rep………...

Why 100 reps?

“”100 is just a number. You can break it down any way you like. And in fact we do. The object is to commit to do 100 reps of any number of drills, moves or exercises – Everyday. If I asked you to do 100 push ups you might be daunted. But what if we do one, then two, then three…all the way up to ten and then back down again. Congratulations, that’s 100 push ups. And we can apply the same methods to any move we want to practice and perfect.

Someone might decide that today’s 100 reps will consist of stretching. You might decide today’s 100 reps is a commitment, to perhaps take the stairs wherever you go, rather than specific moves. I might want to do a round each of bodyweight squats, pull ups, push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks for 20 reps each. Whatever the shape or form then main thing is to commit and do it. The simple daily practice of regular movement, no matter what, that is the challenge.


“”””Begin - to begin is half the work, let half still remain; again begin this, and you will have finished” - Marcus Aurelius

We earn your health and fitness over time. We accumulate well being.

There is a simple solution. A solution that requires daily sub maximal effort but establishes the foundation you need to take on more profound challenges. A solution that will provide you with a base line level of fitness that will support all the other efforts you make.

The confidence you will develop both physically and mentally from the 100 Rep Challenge can provide all the inspiration you need to re-invigorate the simple joy of moving with freedom, ease and energy.
As a culture we have lost the simple daily physical tasks that would normally make significant inroads to the calories we consume. This is compounded by easy access to the empty convenience foods we eat. We need to think spontaneously and creatively when it comes to our well being. To improvise and enjoy the effort. Not everything that is fun should be easy!

You replace your great-grandparents daily physical efforts – chopping wood, drawing water, picking fruit, chasing dinner by completing One Hundred repetitions of the activity of your choice, every day. That’s Seven Hundred reps a week. Simple. Those reps can be divided across as few or many drills as you want. For example you might choose to do 100 straight Hindu squats. If that’s too much of a challenge you can break them into four sets of 25. There you go – 100 reps. Alternatively you might perform 20 push ups followed by 5 pull ups and repeat for four rounds. A total of 80 push ups and 20 pull ups. 100 reps. Over the course of a week, with those two exercises alone you could perform 560 push ups and 140 pull ups. Can you imagine how that might impact your well being, your strength, your confidence?

Consider whole body moves for your 100 Reps. Look to engage the “Go!” muscles the big muscles in the back and legs that move you from A to B, the “Show” muscles up front will take care of themselves. Remember, we are looking to engage as many muscles here as possible. Once that base is established and the habit formed, upping the intensity will start to look like fun. As for rest between sets, as little as possible should be rule of thumb in the early stages.

You can keep a record of each workout, an A4 sheet with 5 bar gates is enough to keep you on track. Or get a stop watch and after every 100 reps record the time it took to complete. This is a simple way to increase the intensity by trying to beat your time on the next session.

One of the first things you’ll notice is just how quickly you can do 100 reps. Once you establish that you can do “a little often” it becomes easier to up the intensity. You have three variables. The drill i.e. push-ups can be made more challenging using different progressions, adding weight (though this is only relevant for drills using a load) and training for time.

Time is the simplest way to manipulate your 100 Reps. After your initial workouts, once you are timing your sessions, you can start to decrease the rest periods between sets. This is where one of the simplest yet most effective tools out there comes into play. The Gymboss is your very own training partner. The Gym Boss dual timer allows you to set a work period and rest period and beeps as each round elapses.

If the rest periods are tight you are simply going to look to increase the speed with which you perform the drill.

Finally you can look at adding resistance where that is a variable. And most drills are scalable. A little imagination can make the simplest move more challenging.
It’s not difficult to come up with different rep schemes to keep things fresh and if you have a pull up bar you can mix things up quite easily.
Consider the following as a start…

2,4,6,8x5 coming soon......

Rannoch Donald.

We at CJS Fitness beleive you should find what works for you, make it work for you. Enough delay, start today. Here is the kind of stuff CJS Fitness Crew get up to, but you know what? work to your level. They key thing is listen to your body and what YOU need. YOU are the standard. Ok, so we will now dismount our soap box. Just move people!

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