Friday, 2 July 2010

Full Throttle Fitness WOW # 22

This week Coach Skala was AWOL with Chritian Villa of Brighton Kettlebells. They had journeyed up to Edinburgh to visit Rannoch of Simple Strength. It was left to Cj Swaby to hold fort - but he would join them after for a great Sunday Service outdoor training session and the Scottish Figthing Championships.

The Elite core that represented that Saturday dug deep into the trenches to triumph over this beast.

Full Throttle Fitness WOW# 22

Warm Up: Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movement

Section 1: Strength Emphasis

Double Kettlebell, Single arm Turkish Get Up 1 - 3 reps x 3 sets.

How do you do it?
Take a heavier kettlebell and one lighter one (Cj used a 32kg & 16kg Kettlebell). Grab them both by the handle and so that they both balance on your fore amr and perform the turkish get up. Not only is this taxing on your shoulder stability becasue of the off centre weight, but its a nightmare for your grip (or great for grip strength - depending on your point of view!)

Section 2: Strength Power Endurance

Double Kettlebell Cleans 20 reps x 4 sets: 20 seconds rest in between

Rest 2 /3 minutes

Double Kettlebell Jerk 10 reps x 5 sets: 25 seconds rest between.

Heavy Single Kettlebell Jerk 10 reps per arm x 3 sets: 20 Seconds rest between.

The Finihser

Ever up for a challenge and spurred on by the super human Katarina Helcmanovska, we ended with Tabata sprints.

20 seconds work: 10 seconds rest x 8 rounds.

We cooled down and hit the Trigger point therapy kit to allow our tired muscles to regenerate and went our seperate ways, eager for the next instalment.

Full Throttle Fitness

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