Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Full Throttle Fitness WOW # 24

CJ was banned from the training session last Saturday. It had nothing to do with the fact that he was working in Sicily for the whole weekend (climbing and "bear-crawling" ancient walls). He did show us some blisters to prove he wasn't just spending time having chocolate massages etc, but I am not sure we should believe him.

The weekend before, everyone had a blast with CJ's workout. This time, I have decided to test human will. Looking at the guys and how cooked they were going through CJ's #23, I was thinking whether we can take on more with less rest (Admittingly - I nicked CJ's plan and just messed it a bit with some extras).

So here we go - this is what we did and.... survived:

Joint mobility warm up


Mixed Circuit Training:
Work:"Rest" ratio 30:30 x 2 per station (for circuits 1-2) 5 stations in total.

Complete 5 circuits in total.

Rest 1 minute after circuit 1
Rest 2 minutes after circuit 2
Circuit 3, 4 & 5 (Work:"Rest" ratio: 30:30 x1 per station), no rest inbetween circuits

The Exercise Menu:

1) Work: Stair Sprints "Rest": Kettlebell Swing
2) Work: Burpees "Rest": plank
3) Work: Medicine Ball Slams "Rest": push ups
4) Work: Bear Crawls "Rest": plank
5) Work: Marine Kit Bag shoulder & Slam / or Flip "Rest": side jumps over a bench

Job done :)!

Hard work works, this is not how you look after an hour session on a power plate.

See you on Saturday! :D

Full Throttle Fitness

Saturday 12:15pm - 1:15pm,

Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Road, London, SW4 6LE

£15 or £10 with VIP text.

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