Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sabina @ Gym Jones - Day 1

My first day of training with Rob was quite an experience. It started nicely, 10mins warm up on a rower (easy) then 2x 5 min 30/30 interval (1 min rest after first 5mins), 30 sec hard 30 sec easy on a rower. Rob gave me a target of 130m for each hard 30 sec, which wasnt difficult at all, so being me I became overconfident and very cocky whooohooo,!. And then... it came... the machine from hell... named AIRDYNE!!! Me and airdyne have had a love and hate relationship since first time I tried it, which was in December last year in the mighty gym jones of course. I love it because I am absolutely pathetic using it, so it is a huge challenge and even looking at it makes me nervous . By the way I hate it for exactly the same reasons. Airdyne looks very innocent and actually I was surprised at first seing it in a place which I always associated with hard working, no nonsense, old school trainers and athletes. However I quickly gained respect for this piece of equipment, I actually had to lie down gasping for air after Josh put me on it first time. So today when Rob started adjusting the airdyne seat my confidence dropped and hit the floor. I did exactly the same interval work on the airdyne, '2x5 mins 30sec hard 30 sec less hard. It was supposed to look like that, but in reality it was 30 sec pathetic 30 sec more pathetic. By the end there wasnt even a chance for me to continue my more pathetic 30secs, as it became impossible to move my legs, arms and my lungs suddenly shrunk. Airdyne is a machine invented in hell, that I am sure of and Rob MacDonald is Airdyne's hell mate. Summarising today: Airdyne 1 Sabina 0. I have been beaten up...

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