Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Inject Some Testosterone Into Your Gym

This one is for the lads (fellas, the boys etc). I'm not a big fan of commercial gyms. While they have the potential to provide an invaluable service, they're often a bit too busy taking your money and giving you a piss poor service in return (not to mention duly pimping the fitness instructors and personal trainers). Any sort of training outside of the "YMCA" or "Premiere Training" personal trainer hand book is often shunned. You will be rewarded with a fierce disapproving scowl from the gym manager should you undertake anything remotely out of the ordinary, or that potentrially contravenes section 1A, subclause 2C, Act 49 of the health and safety manual.

To hell with it I say! Firstly, lets respect the space you train in (and other gym goers) but lets get creative while we inject some testosterone in the place. Short on ideas? Kevin Larrabee over at T-nation has got some good suggestions. Check it out here.

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