Monday, 7 September 2009

Road To Recovery: K.I.S.S

I had Prince pumping out the tunes on my Sony MP3, which inspired me so keep this workout simple, plus I had to be at a BBQ so was short on time. I kept the exercises compound, plus spent time strengthening my shoulder complex and working on range of movement. I took this approach for my trunk as well.

I had also done a grade 2 tear on my acromio-clavicular joint as well as dislodging and fracturing my ribs so I will have to be sensible about allocating time to getting them fighting fit. Jonathan at Balance Physiotherapy recently posted a cool piece about acromiclavicular rehab check it out here.

Here's what I did.

1a) Joint Mobility
1b) Skipping 3 minutes x 3 rounds (20 seconds rest betwee)

2b) Hack Squat 12 reps x 12 sets (75% max) 30 second rest between sets
2b) Bench Press 6 reps x 6 sets (70% max) 45 second rest between set

3a) Shoulder flexion, internal and external rotation complex (cable machine)
10 reps x 3 sets

3b) Neck tie into trunk rotation (cable machine - 45% max)12 reps x 3 sets

Cool Down and Stretch

That was me done. At the moment I'm alternating days between resistance sessions and running (2 - 3 miles max) with at least a day off in the week. I'm doing supplementary work on the same day I run (swiss ball pike / hand stand holds etc).

Physiotherapist Frances Lynn is doing a great job getting me back to form. With her input I'm modifying my training sessions appropriately. Playing it by ear and seeing how I go. So far, so pleased.

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