Thursday, 25 February 2010

King Of Clubs?

The Indian Club became popular in Europe and the United States in the 19th and 20th Century. They range from a 1lb with special clubs often weighing in at up to 50lbs. A key favourite of Kushti Wrestlers in India. Indian Clubs formed an indisposable part of their training routine. They were used in carefully choreographed routines and swung in circular rhythmical movements. The lighter clubs were great for joint health, coordination, improving strength of the shoulders and supporting muscles of the shoulder girdle. The heavier clubs were used to create formiddable strength, dynamic flexibility and motor coordination, and guess what? They're making a comeback. Check out the video by Rannoch of Simple Strength to see them in action.

Come back? Ok, so not really. They Indian Clubs have been used to this day by the British Forces, and is slowly starting to take another firm foot hold here in England with CrossFit London taking the lead. 75 year old Krishen Jalli is swinging away with 15kg Indian CLubs at one of the Cross Fit sessions.

Over the coming weeks I'll be posting more about Inidan Clubs rich history in Kushti wrestling, plus their use in the UK and Indian Clubs massive potential for functional training.

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