Friday, 5 February 2010

Given Up On New Years Resolutions? Failure is Only Feedback

I wanted to write a piece on New Years Resolutions. I don't make them, but I know a lot of people do, and February is the time when enthusiasm starts to fizzle out and your monkey (that little voice in your head) whips his stick out and frantically beats any hope, self esteem or dreams you had of achieving your resolutions to a slow and painful death. Scathed, and disheartened this is the point where many give up. But bare this in mind,

"Failure is only Feedback" - Ken Blackburn, Director IKFF

Ken wrote an inspiring piece about sticking to your goals in his blog, packed full with practical tips. He goes on to say,

"although easier said than done, learn to disconnect from the emotional component of failure and just see it as feedback. As Edison said - “I didn’t fail ten thousand times. I successfully eliminated, ten thousand times, materials and combinations which wouldn’t work.” So, in a sense, if you aren’t failing, you are not trying."

It's definitely worth the time reading. But he did miss something out, and I would like to throw my two penny's worth in the mix.

Solution focused is a powerful way to be. Instead of beating yourself up over the things you didn't do or should have done, focus on what worked and what you did do. Then aim to do more of it. Gradually, over time these will become the prominent behaviour. You may still fall off the wagon, but it won't be as often, or as big a deal. Use your energy wisely. I'll leave you with this thought from Bruce Lee

"Keep your mind on the things you want, and off the things you don't." - Bruce Lee

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