Wednesday, 17 February 2010

F**k It Lent

Last year, we posted about a book called F**k It: The Spiritual Way. It's such a great little book we signed up for their (monthly - ish) newsletter. Never one to disappoint, they came up with this gem for lent.

F**k It Lent

"So Lent has just kicked off with a belly full of pancakes or some carnival experience (depending on where you are in the world), not that most of us give a second thought to this whole Lent thing from now on in.

However, given that Lent is about giving up stuff, in remembrance of Jesus spending 40 days in the desert with not a crumb to eat – and that nowadays people do sometimes give up stuff, like chocolate – it’s worth thinking a little bit about giving up.

Giving up, after all, is a very F**k It activity.
The weird thing is, though, that most people tend to give up things that they really like (chocolate, cakes, carbs, sex, etc.).
The F**k It way, and the eminently more sensible way I should say, is to give up things that we don’t really like. Why are we doing things that we don’t like in the first place you may ask… obligation, sense of duty, habit, plain old masochism, etc. etc..

So, this Lent, make it a F**k It Lent, and give up (permanently) something you really don’t like in your life… eg…
- Seeing people socially whom you don’t really like
- Working too hard to sustain a pointlessly lavish lifestyle
- Your partner, if they drive you mad
- Studying anything that bores you stupid
- Salad
- Wearing a suit
- Going to the gym
- Cottage cheese
- Wearing a suit at the gym

Til next time, John & Gaia x"

A touch of class, that's what we reckon. Well, if you like what you've read why not check out their website here. John and Gaia: step up and take a bow.

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