Sunday, 15 June 2008

Women Defying Gravity...

I'm a firm believer in NOT reinventing the wheel. If someone has said or done it better give credit where credit is due, and with that in mind I refer you to Glenn Cumiskey's ( blog in the post below. These women are awesome athletes, and know how to utilise their body mechanics to gain optimum power and leverage - Awesome!

Defying Gravity

By Glenn Cumiskey

Have a look at U.S. national and world class women weightlifters performing snatches, cleans, split cleans, muscle snatches... The early part of the video shows them warming up light and then getting progressively heavier. Just look at the fantastic position they can hold a loaded low squat in. In the deadlift position, whether pulling straight or from a rock back position, you'll see clearly the position of the scapulae over the load and the as-straight-as-possible trajectory of the bar as they explosively lift, with the bar almost hugging the body. The weights these women are putting overhead are phenomenal. Interestingly, none of them have the physique of a bodybuilder with oversized non-functional bulk... a great sign of well developed connective tissue, appropriate muscle development and excellent bone and joint strength.

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