Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Low Testosterone Levels Increase Mortality Risk in Men

A recent population-based cohort study demonstrated a link between low levels of testosterone and increased risk for mortality from all causes in adult men of all ages. The following is an extract from an article by Bryan DeBusk, PhD entitled, 'Low Testosterone Levels Increase Mortality Risk in Men', it was taken from the Medscape website

"When we compared survival times of men with low testosterone levels to men with higher testosterone levels, we found that men with low testosterone had significantly lower survival," Mr. Haring told Medscape Diabetes & Endocrinology. "From our analysis, we concluded that men with testosterone levels lower than 8.7 nmol/L had a 2-fold increased risk of death."

..In a more specific analysis of causes of mortality, the researchers found that men with low testosterone levels were at increased risk for death from cancer and cardiovascular disease but not respiratory disease. The men in the low testosterone group tended to be older and had higher prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome, and Mr. Haring acknowledged the challenge in determining whether low testosterone was a cause or effect of the cardiovascular risk factors.

ENDO 2008: The Endocrine Society 90th Annual Meeting: Abstract OR35-1. Presented June 17, 2008.

While not directly related to resistance and weight training, the above extract makes an interesting read. Apart from all the functional benefits of resistance and weight training, guys, if you ever needed another reason to add it to your current training routine this is probably it. The positive effects of resistance training on the levels of testosterone has been widely documented, so if you wish to prolong your life, get active, get lifting.

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