Saturday, 14 June 2008

They Boys Are Back! July 2008 Kettlebell Workshop, London

After a sell out workshop, CJS Fitness has again teamed up with Steve and Ken from London Kettlebells to deliver another awesome workshop with all new bonus material.

The core part of the worshop will focus on the essential Kettlebell lifts and techniques to get you well on the road to immortality - ok, ok, not quite!, but what you will learn will revolutionise your current training and get you fitter, stronger, lean and more powerful!

We'll be going through all the fundamental lifts and techniques as usual, plus I will be presenting all new material geared towards boxers and other combat athletes. I will be looking at programme design and linking kettlebell exercises, and non kettlebell exercises (e.g Bodyweight/ Medicine Ball/ Skipping Ropes etc) into an effective training session/routine. This section is geared towards conditioning 2-3 minute round fighters, highlighting the important difference between training for 2 - 3 minute rounds and general fitness.

Places are going fast (apparently over 50% full already), for further information and booking check out


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