Thursday, 28 July 2011

Full Throttle Fitness WOW #18

By Coach Sabina Skala

Last Saturday was quite intense. Full Throttle in the morning and afternoon seminar (subject - CrossFit legacy) in Balance, followed by another training session in In2CrossFit Clapham premises (big thanks to Tom Bold of CrossFit Bold and Jack Heneghan of In2CrossFit Clapham for setting up the record straight on what CrossFit stands for).

Some of the guys did come to Full Throttle early afternoon - pushed it as hard as they could and then braved it to In2CrossFit Clapham in a couple of hours time for the workout of the day. Brave...

Here is what we did :

Warm up, then

4 rounds of 5 mins work (the exercises were in a set sequence - see below).

Rest 2 mins inbetween rounds

5x burpee to push up

5x Man Maker

10 x double KB swing or 6x Heavy bag slam

5 x deck squat

Then 4 mins rest


1 minute per station : 15 second change over.

X 2 circuits
Exercise Menu (All partner work)
1) Single Arm KB snatch or Jerk (1 min per arm)
2) Medicine Ball squat - pass
3) Bear Crawls up/ Down stairs

Job done!

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