Friday, 29 July 2011

The Crossfit Legacy: Saturday Seminars

By Coach Cj Swaby

Say what you want about Crossfit, it is certainly a force to be reckoned with within the Health & Fitness World. Its easy to slander something you do not fully understand, just because it is different to what you know, or you have only half the information available.

Enter Crossfit Bold, and In2 Crossfit Clapham. Tom Bold (Crossfit Bold) and Jack Heneghan (In2 Crossfit Clapham) headed up our latest edition of our FREE Saturday Seminars. The Saturday seminars were set up by CJS Fitness to bring topics of interest to the forefront so that both the general public, fitness coaches and the like can get a better understanding and direct experience.

This seminar was no different. After the first seminar, which covered the principles of crossfit, what it is, and what it isn't (plus Tom and Jack's individual delivery in the own Boxes) participants headed over to IN2 Crossfit Clapham for a technical session on the push jerk, and a WOD (Workout of The Week).

It was an informative day, and whether you agree or disagree with Crossfit, both Tom and Jack got their point across, leaving little doubt that Crossfit is here to stay.

The CJS Fitness Saturday Seminars are taking a break for the Summer and will return in October with some more thought provoking lectures and seminars.


Crossfit Bold will be holding an open day this Saturday 30th July with FREE technical sessions, W.O.D's and a sizzling BBQ to top off a day of action. Contact Tom Bold HERE to secure your spot.

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