Sunday, 17 July 2011

Full Throttle Fitness WOW# 17

By Coach Cj Swaby

This weeks session was pretty straight forward, but extremely demanding. What was even more demanding was the 100 rep challenge at the end of the session which we ran as a competition to win two weeks free training. Every one gave it their all, but Colin Nwadike cam up trumps with a wining time of 5mins and some odd seconds. Here's how it went down.

Full Throttle Fitness WOW#17

W/up: Joint Mobility Training

Main Session

Minute Blocks

1min work : 15 seconds change over.
x 2 Circuits = 1 Block

Rest: 90 seconds between Blocks

Complete 3 Blocks

Exercise Menu

1)Bear Crawls
2)Marine Kit Bag High Pull (40kg approx)
3)Double Hand Kettlebell Swing

Doesn't read like much does it? but the brutality is in its simplicity. Once we got that out of the the way we went into....

The Finisher

The 100 Rep Challenge

40 Press Ups
40 Squats
20 Stair Sprints

How we set the standards

On the press ups, we placed a boxing pad on the floor and press ups only counted if your chest touched the pad. The squats were done over the Marine Kit bag, so your butt had to touch it (whisper of a touch) for your squat to count. With the stairs sprints you had to touch the wall at either end of the stairs. This was was all to ensure there was a consistent standard for each exercise. Try this one at your own gym when you can. Let us know what time you got!

Full Throttle Fitness,

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