Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Warrior Training Body Weight Exercises

By Coach Cj Swaby

When Sincere said he would send me over his new bodyweight training DVD to review, I was humbled and amped. I have been following his stuff on line for a while and we've communicated virtually. A coach with integrity, that walks the path, he stands out from all the other BS that permeates the fitness industry at the moment.

But enough talk, check out some of the moves on the DVD.

I'll break down the review into several sections.

Coach Presentation

Sincere's style is relaxed, engaging and informative. He is able to break down the main coaching points effectively, while still maintaining a sense of humour.

Score: 5/5

DVD Content

There is some great content here. Aimed primarily at beginner to intermediate level, there are exercises that focus on total body integration. Challenging strength, coordination, power and conditioning. As a Coach myself there was even something in there for me (I'll be stealing that Sabretooth Crawl - thanks mate!).

Score: 5/5

DVD Presentation

My main criticism with the DVD is in the post production element. Its mainly filmed from a single static camera, which I feel did not do justice to the dynamic content of the DVD.Despite Sincere's engaging coaching I often found myself drifting. If there was one thing to change about the DVD, that would be it.

Score: 3/5

Total Score: 13/ 15

To Summarise

A DVD worth getting if you are into bodyweight training. Some good progressions, and great for entry level, and even intermediates. Put it in your collection along side Steve Maxwell's Joint Mobility DVD and Steve Cotter's Bodyweight exercises.

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