Monday, 7 March 2011

Mike Mahler Workshop Edinburgh 2011

By Coach Cj Swaby

I had heard a lot about Mike Mahler. If you are into Kettlebells, his name would have not escaped you. Part of the original wave of RKC Instructors to bring the Kettlebell front and centre into the fitness industry, Mike Mahler, a free thinking individual, subsequently struck out and not so much carved (more like hacked) a niche, where he sits triumphantly atop of his domain, "Living Life Aggessively" . Don't be fooled by the internet hype, this man not only this knows his stuff, but Mike is a remarkably approachable and down to earth strength coach.

The weekend was hosted by the infectious Rannoch Donald of Simple Strength, and featured some of the finest Kettlebell Coaches in the UK to date. Christian Villa of Brighton Kettlebells, Matt & Keris of Fitter London, Ray Wilson of Aberdeen Kettlebells, David McConnachie of DMC, the list goes on.

Mike does not teach Kettlebells for GS, he's not that kind of animal. If your goal is the development of raw and explosive power, while utilising the Kettlebell optimally for maximum carry over; then you want to get on Mike's workshops. I won't go in to much detail what he covered (you'll have to attend a workshop for that). His lecture on hormone optimisation and nutrition was informative and useful practically - which is key.

I personally had a great time, playing with Kettlebells and getting to spend time with high quality people in a learning environment is something that I relish and am proud to be a part of. BIG thanks to Matt Whitmore of Fitter London who made sure I had to come with my "A - Game" when we stepped up to the Kettlebells, cheers mate!!

Mike Mahler Wokrshop Edinburgh 2011

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