Friday, 11 March 2011

Full Throttle Workout of the week WOW# 7

By Sabina Skala

Last Saturday was my turn to lead the session. The plan was to do a simple circuit, focus on speed, light weights or body weight only and get as many reps during each min as possible.

Every time I think I cannot be surprised by training - it happens. War machine rows and push up rolls station was an absolute killer for all of us. Hats off to al the guys completing the training, it wasnt an easy session. All of us had to dig deep.

Joint mobility warm up

Repeat each station 2x before moving to the next one. 1 min work, 15 sec to change

War machine body row
3x push up + roll (continuously for 1 min)

Repeat 2 x move to
Station 2

staircase sprints
hand stand

Station 3
Ball slam
Double KB swings

Station 4
2xKB rack hold

Station 5
heavy bag flip
jumps over a bench

Cool down -
qi gong pose - bug supine position static hold - hold for 3 mins

Job done =)

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