Thursday, 24 March 2011

Full Throttle Fitness 2011 WOW #8

Full Throttle Fitness 2011 WOW #8

By Coach Cj Swaby

Since training for the Strength & Power meet I had noticed massive gains in my training, but had also noticed a decline in my endurance capacity. This week I decided to jump in and take part in the session, and raise the bar for all involved. My first request was that EVERYONE uses a step up from their regular Kettlebell. Then I told them what we were going to do. Have a look first at the clip below, then I'll tell you what we got up to.

Full Throttle Fitness 2011 WOW #8

Warm up: Joint Mobility / Dynamic Movement

Exercise Protocol: Ladder 10 - 1

Exercise Menu

1) Double Kettlebell Jerks
2) "Mahler" Kettlebell Swings
3) Handstand Walk Outs
4) Burpees

Cool Down & Stretch out

Now, this may not seem like much, but believe you me, its very, very nasty. Not Convinced? Join us!

Full Throttle Fitness

Saturday 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Balance Physiotherapy, 113 Gauden Road, London, SW4 6LE

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