Monday, 6 September 2010


This time there is no video - Sorry.

Sabina couldn't film as she led the session and participated in the training herself. Truly missed CJ was away in Cape Town plotting a new fitness project in South Africa. The whole session was based around kettlebell and body weight drills, which are always FUN.

Joint mobility warm up

Main session:

4 rounds of:

1 min of double KB swing to renegade row
30 sec sprawl

1 min of 2 x KB alternate cleans
30 sec push ups

1 min of double KB pull over
30 sec bear crawl

1 min of TGU
30 sec plank

No rest until all 4 rounds finished

Rest 4mins

then - partner drills
10 rounds of: 20 sec work 10 sec rest

P1 - rolls
P2 - jumps over the rolling partner (jumping position is - all force)

5 rounds of
20 sec work 10 sec rest

Deck squat

Then rest and stretch and JOB DONE!

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